Xtreme Championship Series - EV.IO - Month #3
Xtreme Championship Series - EV.IO - Month #3
Ev.io Tournament By: XBorgEsports

Welcome to the Ev.io Xtreme Championship Series by XBorg

  • XCS is a competitive, live production, multi-game esports league, that will run for 4 Months.
  • Featuring 5 games and 100k prize pool (20k per game)
  • During the first 3 months EV players will compete for 12k prize pool (4k per month) and leaderboard points.
  • Top 16 teams/players from the EV.io dedicated overall leaderboard for the first three months will qualify for the final 4th month and compete for an 8k prize pool.
  • Placement point composition can be found HERE

All participants are strongly encouraged to sign up right away for all three EV tournaments in order to guarantee their spots in each one.


  1. First, Create an Account (all 3 players will need to create accounts). After creating an account, click Join Tournament above. This will enable you to Create A Team where you will invite your teammates by email or CG username. Watch THIS VIDEO if you have any trouble.

  2. Then Join our Discord Server, go to #choose-your-game, and give yourself the Ev.io role. This will open a dedicated XCS EV.IO channel where the tournament is being organized and communicated.

  3. You must be on XBorg Discord to be eligible to participate


  • 1 month Tournament
  • Up to 256 Teams of any and all skill levels - 3 players each (3v3) with 1 sub
  • Team Deathmatch - all matches are Bo3s (except Finals: Bo5)
  • SwissBrackets - 3 rounds every Friday during first 3 weeks
  • Top 16 playoff - Double elimination last week of the month


  • Round 1,2,3 - 19th of May - WEEK 1
  • Round 4,5,6 - 26th of May - WEEK 2
  • Round 7,8,9 - 2nd of June - WEEK 3
  • Play off (top16) - 9th of June - WEEK 4


Week 1 to 3

  • 1st round of week - 7:00PM CET - 7:30PM CET
  • 2nd round of week - 7:30PM CET - 8:00PM CET
  • 3rd round of week - 8:00PM CET - 8:30PM CET

Week 4

  • PLAY OFF - 7:00PM CET - Until finished

📝 MAPS 📝

  • Maps will be Dragon Temple, Momentum, Fractal in this exact order.
  • Final (B05) Maps will be Dragon Temple, Momentum, Fractal, Momentum, Dragon Temple in this exact order.


  • Approved Servers: ALL
  • First, try to agree with your opponent on a server that you both can use for the entire match
  • Winner of coin flip will chose their server on map 1
  • The opposing team will then choose their server on Map 2.
  • Should your match go to a Map 3, the winner of coin flip (same as game 1) will pick server on Map 3.
  • If 5 out of 6 players are from the same region (example EU, then the select server must be EU, this is to prevent exploiting lag advantage)


  • Once the tournament starts, go to the Bracket Page
  • Find your match, then click on your match
  • You will now be in your match chat room and are able to chat with your opponents to set up your lobby


  1. One person goes to "Create Game" from the top of the main menu
  2. In this Private Game Area, switch on the tournament mode slider for all matches in this tournament. This will make sure you have the correct rules and map for your matches.
  3. Pick the server for that lobby (see the server rules above)
  4. Pick the game mode for the tournament (Team Deathmatch)
  5. Pick the Map for your match
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen here and click "Start Game"
  7. You will now be in the Custom Match Lobby, from this screen the host will click "Share Game" and share the link with their opponents through the match room feature on the CG site here, or through Discord.


  • Teams will be allowed a total of 1 sub over the duration of the monthly tournament. Should a team need a sub, this must be communicated BEFORE the start of the round day, If subs are communicated BEFORE the start of the day to the admins you are good to go.
  • If you choose to use a “sub” player they must have NOT played a game for any other team for the entirety of the monthly tournament. For example, if a team has bad score after some rounds you cannot use a player from that team as your sub. This is to prevent teams from picking up another teams “top” players for other days during that month. In case of special or unique circumstances, the final decision will be made by tournament admins at the time the issue arises.
  • Teams are permitted to swap players throughout the monthly qualifiers, but remember that if your team advances to the Championship final month, you can only choose 3+1 substitute players from those who participated in the qualifiers.
  • Throughout the whole XCS, a player can only represent a maximum of two teams.
  • A player is only permitted to register with one team each month.


  • Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Servers: US East, US West, Frankfurt
  • Duration: 8 Minutes or First Team to 50 Kills
  • Max Players 6 (3v3) + spectator
  • Gravity: 0.07
  • DMG Multiplier: 1
  • Timescale: 1
  • Bot Count: 0
  • Bot Level: 1
  • The game mode is Team Deathmatch, the goal is to have more kills after the game time than your opponent. Score does not matter at all.
  • Match Tie: If after the map is over both teams have tied (have the exact same amount of kills) the map will be replayed. The "score" will not be used in any way. Only Kills.
  • No-shows will be counted 10 minutes after the first communication on our public server.
  • No-shows will be reported with 2-0


🏆 $4000 PRIZE POOL Top 30 Payout

#1: $1000
#2: $500
#3: $350
#4 - #8: $150
#9 - #16: $100
#17 - #36: $30


  • Prizes will be paid in USDC on the Polygon network
  • In order to be eligible to claim prizes you MUST be on XBorg Discord
  • The default CG tiebreak is final (this means that placements shown on CG brackets are final)
  • Any prize pool that is not awarded during the qualifying months will be added to the prize pool for the finals.



How do I change or add someone to my roster?

  • You can go to the Participants tab, there is a button with 3 dots towards the top right. There you can edit your responses. Note: This will not reflect in the site's UI but when we export the sheet, your responses will show and that's what we go off of for most up-to-date rosters. You can change your roster up until the start of the tournament

Where do I check in?

  • Check-in is held here on this page an hour before the official start time of the tournament and will last a total of one hour. Captains can check the whole team in

I have multiple questions, where do I go?

  • Many questions can be answered by reading the fully detailed ruleset, if you have questions not found in the ruleset, please reach out in the XBorg discord or contact Migas | XBorg#4263

Prize Information

  • Prizing will be sent out within 7 business days after the tournament ends.
  • Players are responsible for abiding by the rules set forth here on Community Gaming as well as the rules imposed by any payment platform utilized for prize payout or country restrictions. XBorg is not responsible for any player who uses any third party software or similar to circumvent these conditions.

ADMINS & XBorg core team members have final say on ANY decision