Season 11 Battle Arena
Season 11 Battle Arena
Marvel Snap Tournament By:
Team Size
1 Players
Multiple Bracket
300 USD
1 hours
08 Apr 2023
4:00 PM
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FREE Entry, No Rank Requirement

The tournament will be casted LIVE on our Twitch Channel

$5 Prize to one random participant (Min 4 Rounds Played)

We will be testing full open deck list format for this event (You will have access to your opponents deck lists from a spreadsheet) This is to combat scouting and remove the disadvantage from having your game featured on stream

Submitting a deck list through player registration is mandatory

Alphos#7067 is the Admin


  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above

  2. Make sure you have added your deck list code and your Discord Tag to your registration details when signing up

(Please use the in-game share feature for the deck code. deck links are NOT a valid form of submission)

  1. Then Join our Discord Server. We'll be giving out tournament roles to players registered, if you can't talk in #tournament-chat ask for help using @Moderator, if you have a role please @Event Staff in #help-desk for any questions


If you wish to have your match featured live on stream please follow these steps

  1. Send a message in #feature-me including the following:
  • Your current W/T/L Record
  • The platform you will be screen sharing from (Desktop/Mobile)
  • The resolution you will be screen sharing at

Example: 3-0, Desktop, 1920x1080

  1. When the brackets are posted enter the Arena Voice Channel corresponding to your table number in the bracket. For example if you're at Table 12 on the bracket list you would join voice channel 'Arena 12'

  2. Turn on your discord screen share and make sure full screen is enabled before you enter your match. These channels are restricted to a user limit of 1, be assured that only tournament staff and casters can join you and spectate

  3. Keep an eye on the #feature-me channel for announcements on which matches are picked to be featured. If you are chosen you will be dragged from your Arena voice channel to the main broadcasting voice channel. This process will end your current screen share, meaning you will need restart your discord screen share once in the broadcast channel

Do not worry there will be a delay on stream to prevent stream-sniping



Capped at 128 Players

7 Rounds of Swiss

Best of 1 Battle Mode Matches


The Top 8 Players from the Swiss will advance into a Single Elimination Bracket

Best of 1 Battle Mode Matches

The Quarter-finals will be played simultaneously

The Semi-finals will be played one after the other

The Grand Final will be played after both the Semi-finals have concluded (duh!)


Estimated duration is 7 hours (5 hours of Swiss)

Brackets will be released shortly after check-in closes

Each round will last a total duration of 40 minutes

Please @Event Staff in #drop-me if you wish to be dropped from the tournament


🏆 $300 PRIZE POOL Top 8 Pay-out

Winner: $100 USD + Qualify to the World Championship

Runner-up: $50 USD

3rd-4th: $35 USD

5th-8th: $20 USD

Expect payment through PayPal within 7 working days, contact Alphos#7067 on discord if this is not met

Top Cut Players will also earn points toward the Battle Arena Dailies Leader board, at the end of each season the #1 ranked player will qualify to the World Championship

Runner-up: 12 Points

Top Four: 8 Points

Top Eight: 4 Points

Top Sixteen: 2 Points



  • Please treat your opponents and staff with respect

  • If you knowingly queue a different deck to the one submitted, you will be disqualified

  • If you accidentally queue the wrong deck and/or quit out of the match, you will receive a game loss and a warning. Screenshot proof of an opponents disconnect is required

  • You will play 1 round of Battle Mode against the opponent you are matched with

  • Match codes must be shared in your lobby chat, not on discord

  • You must report your own score, raise a match dispute if it's incorrect

  • You must upload a screenshot to verify the result

  • If your match is ongoing 40 minutes after round start it ends in a tie

  • Timer Clause: In the last 2 rounds of Swiss if a game is a high seed (x-0, x-1, x-2) let it finish naturally to avoid intentional draws

  • If your opponent has not shown up 5 minutes after round start please raise a match dispute so we may drop them

  • In the event that a disconnect occurs, wait for the 'Waiting for opponent' timer to reach 0. After that you may screenshot the result as evidence then raise a match dispute to be awarded a game win

  • Joining the discord is mandatory

  • All rulings made by the Admin Alphos#7067 are final

If you have an issue during the match please raise a match dispute and a member of our staff will come to help you

Please use the #help-desk channel for assistance or questions by pinging @Event Staff



  • You may edit your deck list in you registration info right up until Tournament Start

  • The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts

  • Reach out to us on our discord for any questions

Prize Distribution
1st100 USD
2nd50 USD
3rd35 USD
4th35 USD
5th20 USD
Live Stream