Qor Baby Battle #3 Women's Tournament
Qor Baby Battle #3 Women's Tournament
Valorant Tournament By: QorGaming


This is a $500 prize pool, free to enter, tournament for women-identifying and non-binary of ALL ranks.

Qor Baby Battle #3 Women's Tournament is hosted by Qor Gaming and powered by Qor Baby and TypeMatch. About our sponsors:

Qor Baby is the next generation of Play to Earn Esports. Play a game you love, while earning rewards. For early access, you must own one of the Qor Baby in-game characters. Visit www.qorbaby.com or DM them on twitter: @QorBaby for more info.

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Thank you to Community Gaming for their support in hosting this tournament!

Player Eligibility:

• Must be based in NA

• 13+. Please fill out this waiver and submit to [email protected] in order process a request for a player between 13-17 years old. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1boA0z-IPuDUIugbRDO-4h_EByt64Q8bMoZOGAWZm96E/edit?usp=sharing

• Must Identify as a woman or non-binary individual

• Players will need to be verified through the Galorants through their discord https://discord.gg/galorants. If you are not currently verified, please take the steps to get verified as quickly as possible, as it does take a couple days.

• Open to all ranks with a valid NA Riot account

• We will need your team to be joined and finalized by Saturday, April 9th at 11 am pst/2 pm est in order to finalize our verification process.

• You must have 5 players on your team to join. You can have 2 subs max, and coaches and managers will also be allowed.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALL PLAYERS must join the discord tournament voice channels during this tournament 10 minutes prior to the start time. And must remain in their respective team voice channel to participate. Qor Gaming discord: https://discord.gg/Kkkv3XNj7W


Please see official Qor Baby Battle rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pA_SJK6sVL84l-eIoLZly6IioTjFA7fRF9Z4yCU7NOU/edit?usp=sharing


  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

  2. Then https://discord.gg/Xe5TShuBrR. We'll be coordinating matches in the #TOURNAMENT channel and assisting players. You can message any Tournament admin from this channel.

  3. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.



Capped at 32 teams. Minimum of 16 teams must be checked in at the time of tournament starting in order for there to be a prize pool. If there is less than the minimum, we will reschedule the event.

Single Elimination Bracket.

Start Time: April 9th, 2022 at 3 pm EST.


🏆 $500 PRIZE POOL Payout:

1st: $350

2nd: $150



The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Tournament payouts will be paid out within one week after the tournament ends using Pay Pal.

  • Reach out to [email protected] with any questions, or in Discord https://discord.gg/Kkkv3XNj7W.
  • Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/QorGaming to stay up to date on all our future tournaments.
Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out within a week after the tournament ends using PayPal.