Pit of Valor 100! | October 5th | Free Entry $2500 Prize Pool | GLG Valorant Tournament
Pit of Valor 100! | October 5th | Free Entry $2500 Prize Pool | GLG Valorant Tournament
Valorant Tournament By: GreatLakesGaming

Wednesday, October 5th @ 5:30PM EST


The GLG Pit of Valor series is an open Valorant tournament for all ranks to compete for cash prizes during the week. For more competitive and exclusive tournaments with bigger cash prizes, see the GLG Radiant Arena series!

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PRIORITY ENTRY GLGCC Members will received priority entry into the tournament. No wait listing, guaranteed entry.

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  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

  2. Then

    . We'll be coordinating matches in the #GAMENAME channel and assisting players. We'll be coordinating matches in the and assisting players.

  3. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.




  • Bracket Seeding is dependent on Registration Order not check in order.
  • Ex: Registering as team #67 but checking in as the 4th team does not guarantee seeding.
  • Ex 2: Registering as team #54 & checking in gives a very good chance of being 1 of the 64 teams seeded.

Check In

  • Captains must check in for the entire team, or all players must check in.
  • Any issues with check in please use the GLG Discord and contact an admin
  • Check In starts 60 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  • Any teams not checked in will not be seeded
  • CHECK IN ENDS 10 Minutes Before Tournament Starts!
  • We have set a team limit, however you may still sign-up if that limit is reached. If a team does not check in, but you do, then you will be placed on a wait list and added in when the bracket goes live.

Team Size:

  • The team size is 7 to allow for 2 player subs
  • Because we know there are always tech problems


  • All Rounds (Best of 1)
  • Highest seed creates lobby & chooses Team A or Team B
  • Team A Bans
  • Team B Bans
  • Team A Bans
  • Team B Bans
  • Team A Bans (5th Ban)
  • Team B Picks Map (From 2 Maps)
  • Team A Picks Side


  • Win By 2
  • Enable Tournament Mode
  • Tournament matches must be played on time. Delays in the tournament are not permitted unless live support allows a delay.
  • All lobbies must be played on a server both agree too. Ex: If there is a West and East coast team, it is highly recommended both teams use a CENTRAL server.
  • Age Limit 13

Server Selection Determined by the lowest average ping difference. (Team A Total Ping / 5) - (Team B Total Ping / 5) = Difference

Seeding Ex: #1 seed is higher than #8 seed


  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Haven
  • Icebox
  • Breeze
  • Fracture
  • Pearl


  • The host team should add and invite the opposing players but both teams are ultimately responsible for this.
  • Please Add Your Opponents ASAP To Start Your Match On Time
  • This Makes the Tournament Run Much Smoother
  • Please Cooperate With Admins
  • Please Be Honest
  • Respect Each Other
  • Do Not Take Body Shots Personally :)
  • Keep team and player names clean. Judgement is left up to the tournament organizers (Nothing discriminatory, sexual, keep it PG-13)
  • We will ask you to change your name, if you do not change it 24 hours before the start time, your team will be removed.


  • You may only delay a game upon GLG staff approval
  • Any delays without our approval will result in a forfeiture -Ex: If Team A lets match check-in timer go until the last few minutes, then readies up, they have 5 minutes to start the game. Any further delay will result in Team B winning.
  • If a pause is initiated, there is a hard 5 minute limit. Any pause lasting longer than 5 minutes results in a forfeiture for the team that initiated the pause
  • Time extensions for a pause may only be granted by GLG Staff


  • Pause can ONLY happen during the buy phase.
  • Pause reason must be stated in MATCH CHAT AS WELL AS PARTY GAME CHAT.
  • Broadcasters/Admins can not see game chat, only party chat.
  • TECH PAUSE: 5 minute limit only until the game must be continued or forfeited.
  • TACTICAL (TAC) PAUSE: 60s a team per half.
  • If a player lags out mid round, that round must be played out, you may only pause during the buy phase.


  • If Host Is Unplayable (Lagging, Skipping, etc).
  • Leave/End The Game Immediately At The Start Of The Next Round (During Countdown) And Ask Your Opponent To Switch Hosts.
  • This can only happen within the first 2 rounds and only 2 host switches are permitted at which point the game must continue.
  • Leaving/Ending Game Mid Round Results In MATCH FORFEITURE.
  • Contact an admin via GLG Discord
  • Default Server Illinois, or the server that creates the most equal ping between both teams.
  • Some example scenarios where a server choice needs to be determined in a consistent manner: 1. Team A has a good average ping to Illinois, but a higher average ping to Texas. Team B has a good average ping to Texas, but a higher average ping to Illinois. 2. Team A has a good average ping to Illinois, but a lower average ping to Texas. Team B's best player has < ~15ms ping to Illinois, but their latency spikes to 60 on Texas. Therefore, they would prefer to play on Illinois.
  • If any of these or similar circumstances occur, please reach out to a GLG admin.


  • It is expected that you treat all players with respect. Any form of serious unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a forfeit of the game and series.
  • This applies to all forms of communication, such as Discord, Lobby/In-Game Chat, Twitch, Match Chat, etc.


  • Cheating of any kind results in a match/tournament forfeiture (proof required)
  • Cheating includes but not limited to (Hacking, Glitching, Exploiting).
  • Accusations must not be made in public channels but rather through tournament staff in a private message via match chat during the game or Discord.
  • Limitation of up to 48 hours post tournament/event to report cheating.
  • GLG reserves the right to withhold and withdraw prize money in the case of a breach of competitive integrity. If a player from a team is punished by the VANGUARD system within that 48 hour period.
  • No refunds for cheating.
  • Tournament prizes pulled.
  • Organization is banned, this can be contested through a private message to GLG.
  • All members on the team are banned (teammates should know their players cheating).
  • All proof of cheating or breach of rules must be reported immediately.
  • Wait for an admin response before further action.
  • If no proof is sent, a new game on the same map will be played.
  • Only within the first 2 rounds, anything afterwards results in a match forfeiture for whatever team disconnects.
  • The GLG Tournament Twitch Stream Will Be Delayed To Prevent Stream Watching
  • Admin Action Will Occur For Stream Watching If Necessary


  • Tournament Winners Should Contact GLG via Twitter
  • For Payout (Have Paypal Info Ready)

Thank You For Supporting GLG


🏆 PRIZE POOL $2500

  • 1st: $1,000
  • 2nd: $600
  • 3rd/4th: $250
  • 5th - 8th: $100

Tournament MVP -

More items soon!



The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Tournament payouts will be paid out immediately after the tournament ends.

Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out within a week after the tournament ends using PayPal.