OSC Elite HS Cup #69 ($100) Americas
OSC Elite HS Cup #69 ($100) Americas
Hearthstone Tournament By: OSCesports
Team Size
1 Players
Double Elimination
100 USD
1 hours
11 Mar 2023
11:00 PM



  1. Exclusive weekly tournament for members of the OSC Elite Reward Club. If you are not yet a member you can obtain your membership at the following link: OSC Elite Rewards Club, there are memberships available for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Contact the administration (ToXavieR) at Discord OSC Esports Discord Server to confirm membership purchase. Participants that are not currently members of the OSC Elite Rewards Club will be removed before tournament start.

  2. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above. Is extremely important to enter the correct data on the questions for the registration process, if a player submit an incorrect Battletag or an incorrect Conquest lineup will not be added to the final bracket.

  3. We'll be coordinating matches in the OSC Elite Rewards Club Discord on #tournaments channel and assisting players. ToXavieR#3417 is the main admin to message with any questions.

  4. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.

  5. General Rules: Ruleset


Capped at 128 Players.

Best of 3 Matches.

For bans process, players start a first invalid game using borrowed decks feature, each player will select the class their want to ban from their opponents, after both are aware of the banned class will concede the game and start the first official game.

Duble Elimination Bracket, with Bracket Reset in the Grand Finals.

Start Time: March 11th at 6pm EST. Check-In starts 1 hour prior tournament start, only checked in players will be added to the bracket.

🏆 $100 PRIZE POOL Top X Payout

1st Place: 40 USD

2nd Place: 20 USD

3rd Place: 15 USD

4th Place: 10 USD

5th/6th Place: 5 USD Each

5 USD Raffle for a random participant from places 7th to X

From a $100 USD minimum Prize Pool

OSC Points Distribution

1st - 120 OSC points

2nd - 60 OSC points

3rd - 40 OSC points

4th - 20 OSC points

5-8th - 10 OSC points each

9-16th - 5 OSC points each


The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

OSC Points are awarded to players by tournament final standings, OSC Esports HearthStone Ranking can be found here: OSC HS Ranking. Top players from ranking at the end of the year long season compete in the $1200 Season Finals to be played on April/May.

Prize Distribution
1st40 USD
2nd20 USD
3rd15 USD
4th10 USD
5th5 USD