MMG Axie Masters League: Open Qualifier #2
MMG Axie Masters League: Open Qualifier #2
Axie Infinity: Origin Tournament By: MMG

Rules & Regulations

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Tournament Format

This event will take place over three (3) stages. This event will take place in Axie Origin.

STAGE 1: Qualifiers

  • Teams are eligible to sign up to all four (4) of our qualifying days of this event.
  • The top eight (8) teams of each qualifying day will advance to Stage 2 of the event.
  • A team that has qualified in a previous qualifying day of this event are no longer eligible to participate in an upcoming qualifier Stage. After 4 qualifying days have been completed, Stage 2 of the event begins.

STAGE 2: Group Stage

  • All qualifying teams will be “tossed into a hat” and “drawn from a hat” to determine which teams are in which Group.
  • There will be a total of eight (8) Groups.
  • There will be four (4) teams per Group.
  • Each of the groups will compete live on stream, where the top two (2) teams from each Group will advance to the finals.

STAGE 3: Finals

  • The teams that placed in the top two (2) of their respective Groups in Stage 2 will battle it out in a Double Elimination finals.
  • An MMG Champion will be crowned.

Tournament Rules

STAGE 1: Qualifiers

  • Team Event.
  • No Axie Pools.
  • "Naked Tournament" No Runes and Charms in this stage
  • Single Elimination.
  • Minimum of 3 Players per team.
  • Best of 3 games wins the set.
  • Best of 3 sets wins the match.
  • Free to enter the tournament.
  • Open Sign-up registration.
  • One account per player.
  • No substitutes for this stage.
  • Ronin address changes must be approved by a moderator.

General Rules

  • All communication must occur in the event Discord server.
  • In the case of a dispute, only communication in the event Discord server will be considered.
  • Join this Discord Server:
  • No show / communication after 20 minutes will result in a disqualification.

How Does it Work?

  • 3 players on each team.
  • Team captains pick their lineup using the bot.
  • The team that wins 2 of the 3 games wins the set.
  • If a game is a tie, it will result in a rematch if needed.
  • The remaining sets repeat.
  • All 3 players will play their games simultaneously for each set.

Example: Axie.GG VS YGG

  • Game 1. Indes | Axie.GG - VS - Nate | YGG
  • Game 2. Epcross | Axie.GG - VS - Dwinster | YGG
  • Game 3. Ak | Axie.GG - VS - Zee | YGG

Player Conduct

  • In the case of Disputes, disconnects and other technical issues the option for a rematch will be decided by the winning team.
  • Any spam or misconduct in our chats may result in disqualification or a warning.
  • Please report any incidents of harassment to our mods on Discord.
  • Right to disqualify: organizers reserve the right in their own discretion.
  • It is expected that all players act with integrity, act with sporting conduct and a positive attitude.
  • MMG withhold the right to make any edits or changes deemed necessary to these rules at any time.