Mastering Runeterra $100 Daily (Feb 23rd)
Mastering Runeterra $100 Daily (Feb 23rd)


  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.
  2. It will prompt you to enter payment info for the entry fee of $6.50 usd, $5 of which goes towards the prize pool, while $1.50 of of it goes to registration fees
  3. Then . We'll be coordinating matches in the #100 Dollar Dalies section and assisting players there. Gregory the Grey#2657 is the main admin to message with any questions, or you can address your concerns to the #Help channel in that section. There is also a role you can obtain from the #Roles channel to ensure you get pinged for all tournament related announcements

🎮 Tournament Format

4 rounds of Swiss, Best of Three matches, Riot Lock Format (the format used by seasonals, three decks, no matching region combinations, one deck with no champions allowed, no one champion shared between decks, one ban)

The swiss rounds are followed by a top cut to Top 4/8 (top 4 if 16 or less players registered, top 8 otherwise). The top cut bracket is single elimination, Best of three matches played with the same decks.

For the swiss rounds, players will be allowed a grace period of 10 minutes from the start of each round to reach out to their opponent, and or make their presence known. If a player has reached out to their opponent and not heard from them after 10 minutes, the matter will be investigated, and if the opponent has not reached out or made themselves known, then the missing player will be disqualified and the present player will get a free match win.

🏆 $100+ PRIZE POOL Top 4 Payout

The prize pool is at minimum $100 USD split between top 4. For each player's entry, $5.00 goes towards the prize pool, and $1.50 as a registration fee. This means, if a tournament gets more than 20 participants, then for each extra person, there is $5 more on the line.

ie; 8 players means $100 prize pool (out of our pocket mostly,) 20 players is $100 prize pool, 21 players is $105, and so on.

1st: 40% of the pool

2nd: 30% of the pool

3/4th: 15% of the pool each


Tournament pay-in can only be done via credit card for the time being

This tournament requires an account on the Americas server to participate in.

Deck registration and Riot ID# info will be collected as part of registration

The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Payout information will be collected shortly after the tournament is concluded.

Reach out to Gregory the Grey#2657 or the #help channel in our discord with any questions.