Grand Tournament
Grand Tournament
Team Size
1 Players
Single Elimination
10 USD
01 Jan 2025
1:12 PM


  • Players must join the Axie Infinity Discord.
  • Axie Pool Deadline is at 6:00 PM PHT March 10th
  • Check-In Starts 1 hour before start of tournament
  • Players are required to play with the Ronin Address they used in Leaderboard
  • Players In-Game name must match with your Community Gaming Name and Discord ID
  • Players are required to turn on Webcam during games in Discord Server provided by the Admin team

Always make sure to enter the correct information. Players will be removed from the tournament if they provide incorrect information while registering and we are not able to contact the player to resolve the issue in time.


  • Top 16 Players from Knockout Phase
  • CONQUEST FORMAT - Once you win with the 3 Axies you used you cannot use them again on the same match. You need to win with your remaining Axie that has not won a game yet.(All 3 Axies used to win a game cannot be played on the same match)
  • 10 Axies are required to be Submitted
  • Double Elimination with Seeding
  • All matches Best-of-3 except
  • Winner Bracket Final & Loser Bracket Final: BO5 (You need to win with at least 9 of your Unique Axies)
  • Winners Bracket Grand Finalist has twice to beat advantage



  • Once you win with the 3 Axies you used you cannot use them again on the same match.
  • Players can choose any of their teams that have not yet won a game in the current match
  • When a team of Axies wins a game, it can't be used again for the rest of the current match
  • When a team of Axies loses a game, they can still be used by the player in the current match


1200 $AXS

1st Place: 500 $AXS

2nd Place: 280 $AXS

3rd Place: 180 $AXS

4th Place: 80 $AXS

5th/6th Place: 25 $AXS

7th/8th Place: 12 $AXS

9th-12th Place: 6 $AXS

13th-16th Place: 3 $AXS

Prizes will be sent within 30 days after the end of the tournament



  • Create a Community Gaming Account.
  • Click 'Join Tournament' above.
  • Join the Tournament Discord.
  • Check in on this page before the start of the event.
Prize Distribution
1st1 USD
2nd2 USD
3rd3 USD
4th4 USD