GeckoCon Invitational
GeckoCon Invitational
Axie Infinity Tournament By: NateYGG
Team Size
1 Players
Single Elimination
60.9K USD
15 minutes
17 Nov 2021
1:45 PM
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The GeckoCon Axie Infinity tournament is a 1 player team event taking place from November 17 – 19 ‘21. The tournament is targeting a maximum of 32 Teams.

Eligible Axie Scholarship Programs can submit one team of two (2) players to compete in the tournament,

You must join the CoinGecko Discord AND have your Discord# added to your Community Gaming account to take part! Also, you MUST link your ronin address in your “Player Biography” and have the email associated with your Axie Infinity account as your “Axie Infinity Username” on Community Gaming. This can be done by clicking on “Account Settings” in the top right of Community Gaming and by navigating down to “Player Biography”. Then click on the “Platform Links” tab and add the email associated with your Axie Infinity account in the “Axie Infinity Username” section. This is a VERY important step and is so that the Axie Infinity team can whitelist your account on their tournament server.

Rules (Pre tournament)

  • Free entry

  • 1 account per person! 2 Teams max per Guild/Organization!

  • Single Elimination

  • Be present 15 minutes before tournament starts

  • Have the same name on discord and in game to avoid confusion! YOU MUST ADD YOUR DISCORD# to your Community Gaming account to easily reach you in discord!

  • If there is a glitch in the game, the player who won the match decides if there will be a rematch until we reach top 4! At top 4 replay reviews will be allowed if needed and only if it’s reviewable, otherwise, same rules applies, winner decides.

  • Do not start your next match until MODERATORS tell you to start, YOU MAYBE ON STREAM!!

  • Send your results to the designated channel in the CoinGecko discord #axie-infinity-invitational (

  • Best of 3 until Round 3 & Best of 5 from Semis to Grand Finals!

  • Set Rules & Examples Order of players will be sent to the designated channel or to the moderator

Prize Distribution
1st24360 USD
2nd15225 USD
3rd6090 USD
4th3045 USD
5th3045 USD