Fractal Cup:
Fractal Cup: Tournament By: CommunityGaming


🏆 Welcome to The 1st Fractal Cup 🏆

  • Sign up to compete in a Team Deathmatch Tournament with your friends as a 3-person team. Compete to win your share of the $10,000 Prize Pool
  • Anyone can register. The sign-up portal closes on May 6th so Register Now!

❄️ About Fractal ❄️

❄️ About ❄️



  • After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.
  • This will take you to the Create A Team Page where you will invite your teammates by email or CG Username
  • If you are a SOLO PLAYER or a TEAM OF 2 and you would like to find 1/2 more players to make a full team of 3, please head to The Fractal Discord Here where we have a channel helping players find teammates
  • Last, Join the Fractal Discord Here If you have not already. We'll be coordinating matches in the #Fractal-Cup channel and assisting players.
  • If you need any help Creating your Team Please Check out This Video or ask us in the Fractal Discord above



  • The Fractal Discord Here will be used for all tournament related questions and communications
  • You will find all the critical information under the #FRACTAL-CUP category, including #general, #looking-for-team, #streams, #match-results and more.



Day 1

  • Check-In: 3:00pm ET on May 7th (On this Page)
  • Captains Meeting: 3:30pm ET on May 7th In The Fractal Discord Here
  • Start Time: 4:00pm ET on May 7th (On this Page)

Day 2

  • Check-In: 3:00pm ET on May 8th (On this Page)
  • Captains Meeting: 3:30pm ET on May 8th In The Fractal Discord Here
  • Start Time: 4:00pm ET on May 8th (On this Page)


All matches are on an accelerated / follow-by / rolling schedule - As in when the series before yours finishes, your team needs to be on deck and ready to play

Day 1

  • BO3 - Round of 256 - 4:00pm ET - 4:30pm ET
  • BO3 - Round of 128 - 4:30pm ET - 5:00pm ET
  • BO3 - Round of 64 - 5:00pm ET - 5:30pm ET
  • BO3 - Round of 32 - 5:30pm ET - 6:00pm ET
  • BO3 - Round of 16 - 6:30pm ET - 6:30pm ET

Day 2

  • BO3 - Top 8 - Upper Round 1 - 4:00pm ET - 4:30pm ET
  • BO3 - Top 8 - Upper Round 2 & Lower Round 1 - 4:30pm ET - 5:00pm ET
  • BO3 - Top 8 - Upper Round 3 & Lower Round 2 - 5:00pm ET - 5:30pm ET
  • BO3 - Top 8 - Lower Round 3 - 5:30pm ET - 6:00pm ET
  • BO3 - Top 8 - Lower Round 4 - 6:00pm ET - 6:30pm ET
  • BO5 - Top 8 - Grand Finals - 6:30pm ET - 7:30pm ET


📝View the Full Rules Page Here📝


  • 256 Teams ( 3 V 3 ) of any and all skill levels
  • 2 Day Tournament
  • Single Elim Day 1
  • Double Elimination Day 2
  • Matches Stop at the Top 8 on Day 1
  • All matches are BO3's

📝 MAPS 📝

  • The Fractal Map will be used for All Matches, All Games


Approved Servers: Seattle - New York - Amsterdam

  • First, try to agree with your opponent on a server that you both can use for the entire match
  • If a server cannot be agreed upon, the team listed on the top of the match on the bracket will choose their preferred server for either Map 1 or Map 2 from the 3 Approved Servers (Seattle - New York - Amsterdam)
  • The team listed on the bottom of the match will then choose their server (Seattle - New York - Amsterdam) on whichever map the top team did not take (Map 1 or Map 2)
  • Should your match go to a Map 3, the New York Server will be used for all Map 3 tournament matches


  • Once the tournament starts, go to the Bracket Page
  • Find your match, then click on your match
  • You will now be in your match chat room and are able to chat with your opponents to set up your lobby
  • If you need an admins help, you can either call for an admin in the chat room or ask In The Fractal Discord Here


    1. One person goes to "Create Game" from the top of the main menu
    1. In this Private Game Area, switch on the tournament mode slider for all matches in this tournament. This will make sure you have the correct rules and map for your matches.
    1. Pick the server for that lobby (see the server rules above)
    1. Pick the game mode for the tournament (Team Deathmatch)
    1. Pick the Map for your match (Fractal Map)
    1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen here and click "Start Game"
    1. You will now be in the Custom Match Lobby, from this screen the host will click "Share Game" and share the link with their opponents through the match room feature on the CG site here, or through Discord.


  • Teams will be allowed a total of 1 sub over the duration of the tournament. Should a team need a sub, this must be communicated BEFORE the start of the day (Day 1 or Day 2) If subs are communicated BEFORE the start of the day to the admins you are good to go.
  • If you choose to use a “sub” player they must have NOT played a game for any other team for the entirety of the tournament. For example, if a team gets knocked out on day 1 you cannot use a player from that team as your sub. This is to prevent teams from picking up another teams “top” players for Day 2. In case of special or unique circumstances, the final decision will be made by tournament admins at the time the issue arises.
  • Please message Kyle Cursed#2873 in the Fractal Discord Here for any inquiries



  • Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Servers: Seattle, New York City, Amsterdam
  • Duration: 8 Minutes or First Team to 50 Kills
  • Max Players 6 (3v3)
  • Gravity: 0.07
  • DMG Multiplier: 1
  • Timescale: 1
  • Bot Count: 0
  • Bot Level: 1
  • The game mode is Team Deathmatch, the goal is to have more kills after the game time than your opponent. Score does not matter at all.
  • Match Tie: If after the map is over both teams have tied (have the exact same amount of kills) the map will be replayed. The "score" will not be used in any way. Only Kills.


  • In the event a map ends in a tie in kills, the map will be replayed. We are not using "Score" at all for this tournament. Only total kills. If the total kills are tied after the match you fully replay it as if nothing happened


  • Any and all weapons and abilities are able to be used at anytime. This includes everything in a players "Abilities" menu as well as picked up weapons in-game



Main Stream CG's Twitch Channel Here

Awosch's Community Stream Awosch's Twitch Channel Here

Aliagator's Community Stream Aliagator's Twitch Channel Here

Brokefang's Community Stream Brokefang's Twitch Channel Here

Prize Pool

🏆 $10,000 PRIZE POOL - Top 16 Payout 🏆

This payout structure will be used, NOT what is on the Prizing Tab

  • 1st - $3,100 - In $SOL
  • 2nd - $1,500 - In $SOL
  • 3rd - $1,050 - In $SOL
  • 4th - $750 - In $SOL
  • 5th - $600 - In $SOL
  • 6th - $600 - In $SOL
  • 7th - $300 - In $SOL
  • 8th - $300 - In $SOL
  • 9th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 10th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 11th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 12th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 13th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 14th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 15th - $225 - In $SOL
  • 16th - $225 - In $SOL



  • Every Player Participant will receive an Epic Whitelist Token as a Thank You for participating in the First Fractal Cup
  • There will also be Epic & Legendary Whitelist Tokens given away to everyone else throughout the weekend in the Twitch Chat Here
Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out within 7 Days after the tournament ends over the Solana Network to the Wallets Provided in the Registration Questions.