eSports 4 Everyone - DAILY TOURNAMENT - 13 Mar E
eSports 4 Everyone - DAILY TOURNAMENT - 13 Mar E
Axie Infinity Tournament By: E4E

eSports 4 Everyone - Daily Tournament

Welcome to our tournament.

This event is a part of our weekly AXIE.GG-eSports 4 Everyone tournament series covering the Americas, Europe and Asia.



$75 1337 Tokens

  • 1st: $25 in $1337
  • 2nd: $19 in $1377
  • 3rd: $13 in $1337
  • 4th: $7 in $1337
  • 5th-8th: $5 in $1337
  • 9th-16th: $2 in $1337

Special thanks to

,, , for sponsoring the event


  • One day event (3-4hours)
  • 32 player open tournament
  • Free entry
  • One account per player (only 5 players per guild in ACTIVE)
  • Best of 3 matches - Final is best of 5.
  • Player inventory is fixed at the start of the tournament
  • Players may swap teams from that inventory only (the ronin address used for sign up). After R1 your ronin address may not change.


  • Check-in starts 60 minutes before the tournament.
  • 30 minutes before the tournament ACTIVE players who did not check in will be swapped with WAITLIST.
  • All players (active & wait) must join our server on Discord Server immediately after sign up and be active before the event to participate.
  • e4E reserves the right to edit the list to: give preference to local players for the event & to reduce players from one guild when there is an excessive amount.

  • After you join our Discord server, you will be added to the eSports4Everyone role. This will usually happen just before check in.


  • Disputes/glitches will be decided by the players. Winner's choice.

  • Spam in our chats will result in disqualification (two warnings then boot).

  • Please report incidents of harassment to our mods on Discord

Right to disqualify: Axie.GG and E4E organisers reserve the right to disqualify players Please maintain sportsmanship and a positive attitude, we are here to be inclusive.

How to play in the eSports4Everyone tournament

  1. Complete sign up & answer all questions.

  2. Join

    Discord server immediately after tournament sign up.

  3. Log in to the Axie Infinity App

  4. Check in on Community Gaming a minimum of 30 minutes before the event.

  5. Wait to be assigned to your bracket.

  6. Check the sub-channel for your pair and use their RONIN address to add a friend OR

  7. Wait to be told to start then accept ‘pending’ request from your opponent.

  8. If your match will be streamed, you will be notified, please wait before starting.

  • If streamed, add the RONIN address of the streamers.
  1. Play the best of 3 games.

  2. Self-report the scores on Community Gaming.

  3. Wait to be notified to start the next round.