East Swiss Finals - Axie Classic Qualifiers Phase 2 - $50,000 Prize Pool
East Swiss Finals - Axie Classic Qualifiers Phase 2 - $50,000 Prize Pool


πŸ”₯ East Swiss Finals - Phase 2

πŸ”₯ Game: Axie V2 (Classic)


⭐ Account

  • #1 - You will need to create a Community Gaming Account.

  • #2 - You MUST link your Ronin Wallet to your CG account. Link your Personal Ronin Wallet, the one you would like to receive prize winnings to
  • Tournament Ronin Wallet Registration Question: The Wallet Address you will be using to play the tournament and challenge opponents with.The Wallet with your 3-10 playing Axies
  • This can be the same wallet or different ones. If you have any questions about which wallet to link where


πŸ“ Register

  • After creating a CG account, and linking your Ronin Account, click "Join Tournament" above
  • Once you fill out all of the Registration Questions and hit enter, you will be fully registered for the tournament
  • If you need to edit your Registration Questions, you can click the button with the 3 dots beside the Check-In Timer on the Tournament Page here above
  • If you have any questions


πŸ“£ Discord

  • Every Player/Participant needs to join the


πŸ“ Info

  • 3 Day Tournament
  • Swiss Format - 13 Total Rounds
  • 16 Players Qualify for Phase 3
  • All matches are BO5's
  • Check-in starts 1 hour before the tournament starts on this page
  • You must also Check-In before each match starts on this page


πŸ“Ί Streams

  • English:
  • Tagalog:
  • Spanish:
  • Portuguese:


πŸ•’ Schedule

⭐ All times listed here are estimates, each day will be a rolling schedule. This means as soon as your matches are ready they will begin. Please pay attention to the Discord and Tournament Page to make sure you do not miss your match

- Day 1 - Friday, August 12th (3 Rounds of Swiss)

- Check-in: 4:00pm PHT

- Start Time: 5:00pm PHT

- Day 2 - Saturday, August 13th (5 Rounds of Swiss)

- Check-in: 11:00am PHT

- Start Time: 12:00pm PHT

- Day 3 - Sunday, August 14th (5 Rounds of Swiss)

- Check-in: 11:00am PHT

- Start Time: 12:00pm PHT


Prize Pool

⭐ Prize Pool

  • Total Prize Pool Breakdown - $50,000
  • 1st $1550
  • 2nd $1500
  • 3rd $1500
  • 4th 1250
  • 5th - 8th: $1250
  • 9th - 16th: $1000
  • 17th - 32nd: $750
  • 33rd - 64th: $300
  • 65th - 128th: $150
  • The Top 16 Players also move on to Phase 3
  • Valuation of AXS Prize Pools are taken at the end of the tournament 08/14
  • You can read the full Prize Pool Breakdown


πŸ“ Rules

  • You can view the full rulesets here
  • English:
  • Spanish:
  • Portuguese:
  • Tagalog:

πŸ“ Lobby Creation

  • Step 1: Add your opponent through the friend's list using their ronin address
  • Step 2: Challenge your opponent through the friend's list
  • Step 3: Play out your Best of 5 Match! The first player to 3 is the winner
  • Note: You may change Axies during the match, in-between games, as long as they are on your registered roster