Dota: Contract Complete $1000 Tournament
Dota: Contract Complete $1000 Tournament
Dota 2 Tournament By:kylecursed

How to Register

  1. First create an account (all 5 players will need to create accounts). Then create a new team and invite your teammates. (Watch

    if you have any trouble.)

  2. After all your teammates have accepted your team invite, click the Join Tournament button above and enroll your full 5-man roster.

  3. where we will be coordinating the tournament and handling player communication in the #dota-2 channel.


Matches are best of 1. The finals are best of 3.

Capped at 32 teams.

Double Elimination Bracket.

Start Time: April 10th, 12pm EST.

NA/SA Teams Only. ⅘ players on each team must be from NA/SA.

Full Ruleset:

🏆 $1,000 Prize Pool Top 8 Payout

1st: $500

2nd: $250

3rd: $100

4th: $50

5-8th: Each receive $25

📜 Contracts

May be claimed once per team. Game must be won to claim.

$10 - Rampage: Have a player perform a rampage.

$20 - Richie Rich: Collect all 4 starting bounty runes.

$20 - No Cookies: Win the game with 0 last hits and 0 denies on a friendly hero.

$40 - Yoink: Steal an Aegis.

$40 - Team Spirits: Win a game with 5 spirits (Storm, Earth, Ember, Void, Vengeful Spirit, and/or Spirit Breaker).

$50 - Down But Not Out: Win while the enemy team has mega creeps.

🔴 Casting Lineup

The tournament will be streamed exclusively on at








-The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

-Tournament payouts will be paid out immediately after the tournament ends.

-Players have to confirm the wallet creation to make their account, but they will not need the wallet for this tournament.

Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out immediately after the tournament ends using PayPal.