DFD2 Turtle Pack Champs
DFD2 Turtle Pack Champs
Team Size
1 Players
Multiple Bracket
65 USD
1 hours
27 Apr 2024
3:00 PM
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  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.
  2. Fill out the registration questionnaire, which includes the name of your chosen charity. Please also provide a link to an active Tiltify Campaign for your charity. Anyone with invalids response will represent the default charity for the event: The Hunger Project.
  3. Your answers to the form questions can help you or someone else win money for charity. Whomever gets the most votes in the "Who Are You Playing For?" question will have money donated to their favorite cause. The trivia question about FBL's account if your chance to win the random prize.
  4. Then Join our Discord Server. You will need to verify your Discord Server membership with a specific role. Navigate to the first pinned message in the #❤│dueling-for-dollars-2024 channel, and click the ❤ reaction to earn the role. Without earning the "Dueling for Dollars 2024" role, you will be missing from the list of players, and will be dropped from the event.
  5. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your Super Auto Pets username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier for players to verify the right person joined the lobby. It will also greatly help staff and coverage.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE 12 HOURS PRIOR TO EVENT START TIME. This is to allow me enough time to reconcile the signups here and in the Discord. If you would like to play, please register before April 26th 8:00 PM PST.

👤 Check-In

We will be using the Check-In feature for this event. This double opt-in feature helps ensure that people who signed up a month ago didn't forget and are still available.

Players that fail to Check-In will be dropped from the event.

Check-In will open 1 hour in advance prior to the start of the tournament. You can return to this page at any time during that window and click the Check-In button.


🎮 Swiss Plus Playoffs

  • Capped at 128 Players
  • Best of 3 Matches for Swiss Rounds
  • Best of 3 Matches for Single Elimination Bracket

Lobby Settings:

  • Format: Same as Host
  • Turn Duration in Seconds: 80
  • Lives: 6
  • Life Loss: Single with Recovery
  • Legal Packs: Turtle

Before game one, you and your opponent will use the built-in coin flip feature to determine who will be the first host. For every subsequent game in your match, the host may be the player who lost the previous game. Both players can agree to keep the same host thoroughout the match.

For full details on tournament polices, please refer to the Full Belly Laughs SAP Competitive Rules Guide.


💸 Donations to Player Charities Payout Structure

FBL will donate $0.50 USD to charity, up to $64 USD, based on the total number of active players in Round 1 of Swiss.

Below is how the total pool of donation funds will be distributed to the player chosen charities.

  • 1st Place = 12.5%
  • 2nd Place = 12.5%
  • 3rd-4th Place = 12.5% each
  • 5th-8th Place = 12.5% each


Top 8 Payout:

  • #1: $30 USD + Trophy Hat
  • #2: $20 USD
  • #3: $10 USD
  • #4: $5 USD

Prizes are subject to change is turnout is extremely low.



The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

You must be a member of the Full Belly Laughs Discord with the "Dueling for Dollars 2024" role to participate. Refer to the registration instructions above to learn how to obtain that role. Any registered player missing that role will be dropped from the event.

Rounds will be timed. The Round Clock will be visible on the live stream. The time of day the round ends will also be announced in the Discord. Refer to the Full Belly Laughs SAP Competitive Rules Guide for full details.

Rounds may end before the round clock expires. This happens when all the matches finish early. Please be mindful that the next round could start at any point. If you plan to step away from your device, please take careful consideration of how many matches are outstanding as well as time left in the round.

Any update to this page, or a linked resource, will be announced in the Discord.

Side Events will be run in the Discord.

For a full schedule of DFD2 events, check out our Announcement Page.

If you have questions or concerns, please post them in the #⛹tourney-chat channel. Someone should be able to help you. If it's urgent, you can tag me in that channel (username: fullbellylaughs). I'll be fielding a lot of inquires, so please use the "tagging FBL" option sparingly.

Prize Distribution
1st30 USD
2nd20 USD
3rd10 USD
4th5 USD
Live Stream