Clash at Dawn - Philippines
Clash at Dawn - Philippines

Open for All MLBB Players in Philippines!!!



  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above. Make sure you fill out the registration form with the right details.
  2. Read and understand the tournament rules, can be accessed in -> .
  3. . Check out the #announcements and #tournament-faq for more information.


  1. Tournament Max Capacity : 256 Teams
  2. Prizepool USD1000
  3. Day 1 Format (November 25, 2022) : All participants will fight in Single Elimination Bracket, Best of One. Top 16 and Top 8 will played in Best of Three. Top 4 will be played in Day 3
  4. Day 2 Format (November 26, 2022) : Top 4 will be played in Best of Three. Final Match will be played in Best of Five
Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out via Paypal or Wise. Team that eligible for prize required to have Paypal or Wise account.