CEA Crescent Cup Summer 2022
CEA Crescent Cup Summer 2022
Valorant Tournament By: CEAVAL


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  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

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    . We'll be coordinating matches in the #┏⋅⋅announcements channel and assisting players. Please use #┗⋅⋅support for any questions, concerns, or inquiries during the time of the tournament, or create a ticket in #open-ticket.

  3. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.



Day 1: August 13, 2022 (Best of 1) Groups Round 1 @ 3PM ET Groups Round 2 @ 4PM ET Groups Round 3 @ 5PM ET

Day 2: August 14, 2022 (Best of 3) Semi Finals @ 3PM ET Losers Final @ 5PM ET Finals @ 5PM ET

Schedule and Format subject to change depending on total teams registered. tournament-awards

🏆 $1200 PRIZE POOL Top 3 Payout

1st: $720

2nd: $360

3rd: $120



Who can play? Crescent Cup is open to all marginalized genders that are enrolled at an accredited higher learning institution in North America. Since this tournament is intercollegiate, all players do not have to attend the same school.

When can we view the bracket? The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

When do we get our payouts? Tournament payouts will be paid out as soon as possible after the tournament ends.

Who can I contact for help? Reach out to [email protected] or create a ticket in the discord with any questions.

Prize Information

Prizing will be sent out after the tournament as ended at least within a week to a month using PayPal.