Blankos Borg Party#2 - MAY the 6TH - 19:00 UTC
Blankos Borg Party#2 - MAY the 6TH - 19:00 UTC



  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

  2. Then Join


On the day of the Tournament, ALL PLAYERS SHOULD BE PRESENT ON OUR DISCORD, we will manage the event from there

and assist players.

Migas and Oz are the main admins to message with any questions.

  1. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab.

  2. Be sure to have your discord connected to the community gaming platform

#3 & #4 will make it much easier to challenge your opponent on the day of the tournament when we check into the


Link your Discord To Community Gaming



° 3V3 Shooter

° Capped at 64 Teams.

° Single Bracket / Double elimination

° Until the Finals Best of 3

° The final Best of 5.

**Map list: ** Subject to change

Beachfront - (BlueBlood)

Anti Spam Laser Tag (Teams) - (Chaiguy)

Cloud Castle Team Wars NOBOOM - J(Cluster)

Wanted Teams B - (Kommess)

Subway Teams B - (Kommess500)

Blankos Borg Party - Teams - (Samitoon)

Diamond Dash - Teams - (Selvestegut)

Rusty n' Dusty - Teams - (Silver)

Neon Bridge - (NV72)

X-Factor ~ 3x3 Teams - (Zazaz)

X-Factor ~ 3x3 Teams ~ Just Railguns - (Zazaz)

Start Time: May 6th at 9 PM UTC+2.


🏆 $100 PRIZE POOL Top 3 Payout USDc-Polygon

° 1st: $45 + 3000 ⚡️+ WL spot

° 2nd: $30 + 2000 ⚡️

° 3rd: $25 + 1000 ⚡️

° 4th: 750 ⚡️

5th to 20th : 500 ⚡️ faq


° Disclaimer:

  1. Teams must be actively participating per the game mode blatant AFK will be considered bad sportsmanship and result in DQ.

  2. Whatever the results of the game state, is the outcome of the game regardless of the score.

  3. Toxic behaviour identified by a ref will result in a warning after 2 warnings the player is DQ'd.

  4. If a team is DQ'd from the winner's bracket they are out of the tournament regardless of losers' brackets.

  5. If a decision is controversial in nature the refs will make a determination and that will be the course of action going forward.

  6. Spawn camping both offensive and defensive is frowned upon and if noticed players may receive a warning .

  7. Getting a DQ will result in not only being ejected from this tournament but you will be unable to join the next tournament.

  8. Getting a DQ will result in a loss of position in the Bracket regardless of potential winnings.

  9. No going outside the intended bounds of the map. If this is done it is at the discretion of the ref for that match.

  10. If your match has come up and your short a player or the player is missing (and not just in the bathroom), Your team will be required to play a man down.

  11. IF your teammate shows up later, the match will continue on and you can have them join in the next lobby if applicable.

  12. Whatever the results of the game state, is the outcome of the game regardless of score.

Referee's have the final words over any conflicts, we all here to have fun .

° The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Reach out to

with any questions.

Prize Information

Tournament payouts will be paid out up to a week after tournament ends.