Axie Infinity Squads League (ASL)
Axie Infinity Tournament By:

This will be a 3 player team event taking place December 26th at 15:00 GMT! You must join the Community Gaming Discord AND have your Discord# added to your Community Gaming account to take part!

Special thanks to our sponsors Community Gaming and Axie Infinity for putting up the prize pool and helping bring together multiple competetive organisations to play our favorite NFT game! High Quality Axie Infinity Action and commentary coming at you!!


Rules (Pre tournament)

-Free entry

-1 account per person!

-3 players per team

-Each player can only play for 1 team

-Be present 15 minutes before tournament starts

-Use the designated channels in the Community Gaming Discord #ASL-Tournament and have your captain say something when your team is present (

-Have same name on discord and in game to avoid confusion! YOU MUST ADD YOUR DISCORD# to your Community Gaming account!(This will be checked! You MUST be reachable on discord!)

During Tournament

-If there is a glitch in the game the player who won the match decides if there will be a rematch untill we reach top 4! After top 4 replay reviews will be allowed if needed.

-Do not start your next set IF YOU ARE ON STREAM!!

-Send your results to the designated channel in the Community Gaming discord #ASL-results (


-Single elimination

-Bo3 sets for first 3 rounds and then Bo5 sets!

-Each set is a Bo3

-In the case of a tie move to the next game in the set. If the set ends up being 1-1 then the tied game will be replayed!

-Teams may take a 3 minute break in between sets

Format example

At the start of each set this is the conduct for sending rosters

-Both teams confirm they are ready

-Captains agree to send lineups in 2 minutes (use discord time stamp)

-Captains send lineups

-Set begins with game 1 Vs. Lev0x

  1. Indes 1. RcTech

  2. Ak 2. DaboZz

3.Udinujang 3.Biffchain


Set 1

Indes Vs. DaboZz (1-0) won

Udinujang Vs. RcTech (1-1) Lev0x won

AK Vs. Biffchain (2-1) won wins first set 2-1

Set 2

AK Vs. RcTech (1-0) won

Udinujang Vs. RcTech (1-1) Lev0x won

Indes Vs. Biffchain (1-2) Lev0x won

Lev0x won 2nd set 2-1

Now it would be 1 set for each team and the team that wins 3 sets first moves on to the next round!

Saturday Dec. 26th

-Round 1 begins at 15:00 GMT

-Round 2 begins at 16:30 GMT

-Round 3 begins at 18:00 GMT

-Round 4 begins at 19:30 GMT

*Note- There could be delays so please stay tuned and keep your eyes on the discord!


1st- 40% of pool

2nd- 27% of pool

3rd- 12% of pool

4th- 7% of pool

5th-8th 2% of pool


-250$ worth of AXS will be given out during the stream!