AgoraDex Ev.Io - Power by Xborg
AgoraDex Ev.Io - Power by Xborg Tournament By: XBorgEsports


After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

Then Join AgoraDex Discord

On the day of the Tournament, ALL PLAYERS SHOULD BE PRESENT ON OUR DISCORD, we will manage the event from there Tournament Channel.

Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab.

Be sure to have your discord connected to the community gaming platform


  • 2vs2
  • 1-day tournament
  • All matches are bo3 (except final which is bo5)
  • Single Elimination
  • Each bo3 match should be finished within 30 minutes
  • Map will be Fractal

📝 RULES 📝  Mode: Team Deathmatch Regions: Worldwide Servers: Amsterdam (unless agreed on a different on by BOTH teams) Duration: 8 Minutes or First Team to 50 Kills Max Players 4 (2v2) Gravity: 0.07 DMG Multiplier: 1 Timescale: 1 Bot Count: 0 Bot Level: 1 The game mode is Team Deathmatch, the goal is to have more kills after the game time than your opponent. Score does not matter at all. Match Tie: If after the map is over both teams have tied (have the exact same amount of kills) the map will be replayed. The "score" will not be used in any way. Only Kills.

📝 IN CASE OF A TIE 📝 In the event a map ends in a tie in kills, the map will be replayed. We are not using "Score" at all for this tournament. Only total kills. If the total kills are tied after the match you fully replay it as if nothing happened

📝 WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT 📝 Any and all weapons and abilities are able to be used at anytime. This includes everything in a players "Abilities" menu as well as picked up weapons in-game


🏆 $300 PRIZE POOL Top 3 Payout USDc-Polygon

° 1st: $150 + 3000 ⚡️+ WL spot (energy + WL per player)

° 2nd: $100 + 2000 ⚡️ (energy per player)

° 3rd: $50 + 2000 ⚡️(energy per player)

° 4th: 1500 ⚡️(energy per player)

5th to 20th : 500 ⚡️(energy per player)

  • *In order to claim energy and cash reward you MUST be on our discord ** XBorg Discord

Info on Energy usage:


° Disclaimer:

  • Teams that are blatantly AFK will be automatically disqualified from the match.
  • Players that exhibit toxic behavior will be given two warnings. After the second warning, the player will be disqualified from the match.
  • Intentional usage of any kind of exploit is strictly prohibited
  • If a decision is controversial, the referees will make a determination and that will be the course of action going forward.
  • Players should not use exploits to avoid counting enemy team kills. This includes killing yourself.
  • Getting disqualified from a match will result in not being able to join the next tournament.
  • Getting disqualified from a match will also result in losing your position in the bracket, regardless of potential winnings.
  • If you are lacking a team mate on the check-in the whole team is disqualified.
  • If your team is missing a player when your match is supposed to start, your team will be required to play with one less player (this doesn’t apply to the check-in exclusion above).
  • If your teammate shows up later, the match will continue on and you can have them join in the next lobby if applicable.
  • For streamers, we recommend having a delay time in order to avoid stream sniping.
  • In the event that a map ends in a tie, the map will be replayed.

Match Results: We recommend that at least one member of each team take a screenshot of each game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute.

Referee's have the final words over any conflicts, we all here to have fun .

° The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Reach out to XBorg Discord with any questions