AgoraDex Axie #3 - Power by XBorg
AgoraDex Axie #3 - Power by XBorg


After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

In order to be eligible to play you MUST be on AgoraDex Discord and follow them on twitter

On the day of the Tournament, ALL PLAYERS SHOULD BE PRESENT ON OUR DISCORD , we will manage the event from there Tournament Channel. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab.

Be sure to have your discord connected to the community gaming platform

Migas and Oz are the main admins to message with any questions.


  • One day event
  • Single elimination
  • One account per player

Esports server

  • All runes/charms allowed
  • RPS will be used to decide who goes first in the first match, after which players will alternate between who goes first.
  • Best of 3 matches; Final Round is Best of 5.
  • Player inventory is fixed at the start of the tournament
  • There is an unlimited Axie Pool and players may swap teams from that inventory only.
  • After CHECKING IN your User ID may not change.
  • No-shows will be counted 10 minutes after the first communication on our public server.
  • Players must try to communicate both via Discord and CG chat rooms. If the opponent shows up and asks for some time, this will not be counted as a NO-SHOW. (ALLOWED WAITING TIME: 10 MIN per round)

It is the player’s responsibility to check for disputes BEFORE submitting scores. Once the score has been reported and the next round has started we will no longer accept disputes, and no re-matches will occur.

If a player has been found (with evidence) to have breached the rules after the round is complete and pending the severity of the situation, a moderator may decide to disqualify that player from the rest of our tournament and forfeit any prizes accumulated.


  • *Tournament will be played on the Axie Origin Esports server. **
  • You need first to login to the live client and get your user ID
  • Open Axie infinity on PC or Android/Mac (LIVE server)
  • Click on the profile picture in the screen
  • Copy the user ID that appears in the menu
  • Than provide us with the user ID by replying to the registration question (we will give you access to the tournament if you don't have it already)

🏆 $220 PRIZE POOL Payout USDc-Polygon

In order to be eligible to claim prizes you MUST be on

AgoraDex Discord

and follow them on twitter

° 1st: $45

° 2nd: $35

° 3rd: $25

° 4th: $15

° 5th to 8th: $10

° 8th to 16th: $5


Disputes/disconnects/technical issues will be decided by the players (proof required). Winner's choice to replay. If a remake happens, everything has to stay the same. Spam in our chats will result in disqualification - 1 warning. Offensive or derogatory language will result in a warning or ban from all XBorg events. Please report incidents of harassment to our mods on our Discord

Right to disqualify: XBorg organisers reserve the right to disqualify players Please maintain sportsmanship and a positive attitude, we are here to be inclusive. Starter Axies are allowed.