AAG Axie Challenge #4
AAG Axie Challenge #4


👉🏻 1. After creating an account, click Join the tournament above.

👉🏻 2. Then Join our Discord server. We will coordinate games in the -AAG CHALLENGE-⤵ #registration and #screenshots channel (To see these channels you must tap the 🏆 trophy emoji in #getting-started). Lordkeyzer#2109 is the main admin you should message with any questions.

👉🏻 3. Finally, go to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username under the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent on tournament day when we check in on Discord.

👉🏻 4. You must MANDATORY follow on instagram instagram otherwise you will not be eligible for the prize (must apply after the event is over via that channel).

👉🏻The tournament will have full coverage via streaming by TWITCH.

✔ Only those players who meet the mandatory requirements will be able to play the tournament after authorization from the tournament moderators.

tournament format.


Best of 3 matches. Final best of 5.

Single elimination bracket.

💎The tournament will start : 15hs GTM -3 Please note:

⌚16:00 - Registration closes. All players registered after the time will be transferred to the WAITING LIST.

⌚15:30 to 16:00 - ChecK in required. Player not registering will be disqualified in the first round or will not be part of the initial bracket.

⌚16:01 - All brackets ready. Player who has not completed all 4 mandatory steps will not be part of the initial bracket.

⌚16:05 - Start of matches.

[ 📌 ] 16:10-16:25hs ROUND 1 BO3

[ 📌 ] 16:30-16:45hs ROUND 2 BO3

[ 📌 ] 17:00-17:15hs ROUND 3 BO3

[ 📌 ] 17:30-17:45hs ROUND 4 BO3

[ 📌 ] 18:00-18:15hs ROUND 5 BO3

[ 📌 ] 18:30-18:45hs QUARTER FINALS (A) BO3

[ 📌 ] 19:00-19:15hs SEMIFINALS (A) BO3 LIVE STREAM

[ 📌 ] 19:30-19:45hs SEMI-FINALS (B) BO3 LIVE STREAM

[ 📌 ] 20:00-20:15hs 3RD PLACE BO3

[ 📌 ] 20:30-20:30hs GRAND FINAL BO5



🥇1ª: $42.

🥈2ª: $22.

🥉3ª: $11.

🏅4ª: $5.

🏅5th TO 8th: $2.5

🏅9th to 16th: $1.25

❓⭕ * FAQ** ❓⭕

📢 The bracket will be available on this page after the start of the tournament.

📢 Tournament payouts will be paid immediately upon request via instagram instagram .

📢 Matches will be controlled by discord, be aware.

📢 All runes and enchantments are enabled.

📢 Reach out to DISCORD with any questions.

tournament rules.


❎ Aggression to referee staff, moderators and event attendees is prohibited.

❎ Aggression to players is prohibited, you must limit yourself to comply with the rules and avoid comments or attitudes that can be misinterpreted.

❎ Players who do not complete the mandatory registration will be disqualified.

✅ Enjoy the Axie Infinity competitive experience at AAG and avoid penalties.

✅ All players must know and respect in detail the general rules of the competition. Any mistake made will not be accepted as an excuse for not knowing the rules. GENERAL RULES