Valorant Premier Series: Finale Preview
by Community Gaming in Community · 2021-08-24

This weekend is the long-awaited, much anticipated Valorant Premier Series: Finale. August 28-29 brings us to the $10,000 main event! This tournament is a culmination of two events in March and May, where the top 8 teams from each installment qualified to participate in the Finale of this $20k series.

The final installment of our three part $20k Valorant Tournament Series is here!

$10,000 prize pool-Top 8 payout

16 qualified teams + 16 invited teams will compete August 28th-29th to see who the champion is of the Valorant Premier Series!

In addition to the previously qualified teams, there are sixteen teams that have confirmed their invitations, solidifying a fully stacked 32 team bracket.

Some notable teams that previously qualified are Time Out and Teal Seam.

Teal Seam is known as one of the youngest squads in the circuit but is still able to go pound for pound against teams such as ANDBOX and Soniqs. Teal Seam is a regular with Community Gaming, making their debut in the first series and being a finalist in both of the Valorant Premier Series tournaments.

Time Out is a new roster made up of former members of Time In and Decisive, both teams performing well in the previous installments of the series.

TSM FTX, Immortals, and T1 Academy are among the invited teams. TSM FTX, a top women’s team, plans to compete in this final series, building on their dominating wins in the women’s scene. Immortals is a team recognized for going far in the brackets of the main VALORANT circuit. This is also one of the first tournaments for the current T1 Academy roster.

As a recap:

Decisive with Elevate, jawgemo, BRANTED, syncer, and tyti, won in the first series in March against Teal Seam. The first map on Bind went to Teal Seam with a decisive 13-5 win. Decisive took back the series to 2-1 by then winning on Icebox and Split.

For the second series in May, Complexity won first place against Teal Seam. Though the series was 2-0, Teal Seam put up quite the fight on Haven (13-11) and an overtime game on Split (14-12).

Since the first installments of the $20k Premier Series, VALORANT has seen new agents, new maps, and new metas develop. The VPS Finale is unique in that it is bringing together teams from many different scenes. Many of these teams have not yet competed against each other. We do not know what to expect from many of these matchups, but we are looking forward to some incredibly intense rounds with the opportunity for newer tier 2 teams to show us what they’re made of.

The first round of the $10k finale will be starting at 1pm EST on Community Gaming’s Twitch Channel. There will also be four streams total covering the tournament, so you can catch all the action and watch your favorite team make their way through the bracket.

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