Weekly Esports Wrap Up | May 17
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2024-05-17

Anichess partners up with Team Secret to create esports-friendly Chess experience

Anichess, a new chess variant that infuses the classic game with magical elements, is partnering with the global esports brand Team Secret to revolutionize the chess esports scene. Developed by Animoca Brands in collaboration with Chess.com and Magnus Carlsen, Anichess leverages Web3 technologies and tokenization to engage contemporary audiences. The partnership with Team Secret aims to elevate Anichess into the esports limelight, with Team Secret’s CEO, John Yao, serving as an advisor. Yao’s expertise is expected to help shape the game’s development, focusing on game balance and designing engaging tournaments and spectator features.

Anichess’s engaging visuals and skill-building tools are designed to appeal to players of all experience levels, potentially transforming them into future pro players. This innovative approach seeks to make Anichess the premier destination for competitive chess, broadening the appeal and accessibility of the ancient game to a modern, esports-savvy audience. For more information, read the official Team Secret announcement.

T1 advances over G2 Esports in 2024 Mid-Season Invitational

T1 secured a decisive 3-0 victory over G2 Esports, eliminating Europe's last hope from the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Despite a shaky start in the tournament, the reigning world champions delivered an outstanding performance, showcasing their adaptability and strategic prowess. The match, which drew over 2.2 million viewers, saw G2 Esports initially favored due to their impressive 3-0 win against Top Esports. However T1's meticulous gameplay, including Faker’s late-game heroics, lead to a clean sweep victory.

T1’s triumph ends the hopes of Western teams, setting them up to face China’s BLG and potentially Korea’s Gen.G for the 2024 MSI title. Read T1 Keria’s post match interview with Esports.net here.

$1 million esports tournament Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 announced

Apeiron, an Ethereum and Ronin Network-based strategy game, has announced a $1 million prize pool for its upcoming esports championship, Apeiron Guild Wars 2024. The tournament will feature the top 12 guilds competing for their share of the prize, with half of the pool in cash and the other half in Apeiron NFTs. The finals will be held in Hong Kong in Q3 2024.

The championship marks a significant step for Apeiron, which is currently in open beta, as it seeks to establish a sustainable esports scene. The tournament will kick off with preliminary rounds starting on May 21, leading to the selection of the top 12 guilds by July. These guilds will compete in PvP online leaderboards and invitational tournaments before advancing to the finals. For more, read the Apeiron blog post with all the details.