Weekly Esports Wrap Up | May 10
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2024-05-10

T1 vs G2 Esports Breaks MSI Viewership Records

The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2024 playoffs are off to a strong start this week, with a record-breaking showdown between G2 Esports and T1 bringing in over 2.4 million concurrent viewers. While other matches in the Bracket Stage exhibited varying levels of competitiveness, none matched the intensity of the G2 vs T1 clash which is now the most-watched MSI series to date. Despite G2's valiant efforts, T1's superior macro play and strategic execution secured them a 3:2 victory.

As the MSI Bracket Stage continues, this match sets the stage for upcoming matches between Gen.G vs Top Esports and Fnatic vs Team Liquid. Check out more from @esportscharts on X.

Moist Esports Takes on US Government Over Apex Legends Visa Issues

Moist Esports is taking legal action against the U.S. Department of Immigration over visa denials for its Australian Apex Legends team members. Despite qualifying for tournaments held in the USA, the players faced repeated visa rejections, forcing the team to compete remotely from Canada and ultimately drop its Apex Legends squad due to travel constraints. Despite subsequent individual visa applications and successful approval for the B-1 visas just before the tournament, Moist Esports aims to overturn the initial rejections through a lawsuit, highlighting the financial losses and missed opportunities incurred.

While the outcome remains uncertain, the legal battle underscores the complexities and challenges faced by esports organizations navigating international competitions and visa regulations. More from MoistCr1TiKaL, founder of Moist Esports, here.

Shrapnel Partners with Halliday for Credit Card Token Purchases

Shrapnel, a blockchain-based first-person shooter listed on the Epic Games Store and built on the Avalanche blockchain, is simplifying token purchases by allowing players to buy its utility token, SHRAP, directly with credit or debit cards. Previously, players had to navigate exchanges to acquire SHRAP. The integration with Halliday's onramp now facilitates fiat-to-SHRAP conversions through Moonpay or Stripe payment gateways, removing a significant barrier to entry into the game's ecosystem. This move aims to enhance accessibility and potentially increase transaction volumes for Shrapnel, contributing to its impact on the Avalanche blockchain.

Check out the announcement by Halliday on X.