Weekly Esports Wrap Up | May 03
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2024-05-03

EVO Japan 2024 is a Wrap

EVO Japan 2024 just wrapped after three days of intense competition, showcasing top-tier global fighting game talent. In Tekken 8, local Japanese players demonstrated their dominance, culminating in Chikurin's 3-0 victory over LowHigh in the final match. With the Tekken World Tour on the horizon, anticipation builds for future matchups between these formidable competitors.

The event also featured the debut of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. Standout performances came from players like Gamera and Rookies, with Rookies ultimately emerging victorious and launching the game’s competitive future. MenaRD claimed the Street Fighter 6 title, further solidifying the game's status as a leading force in the FGC. For full results, read the EventHubs page.

Riot Brings Anti-Cheat to League of Legends

Riot Games recently introduced Vanguard, their kernel-level anti-cheat system, to the League of Legends client, raising concerns among players about potential damage to their PCs. Reports surfaced soon after the installation, with players experiencing crashes that rendered their machines inoperable. People shared their experiences on X, with one player highlighting the need to reset CMOS batteries to repair affected computers.

While it's uncertain if Vanguard directly causes these issues, its deep access to computer systems raises cybersecurity concerns. Additionally, Vanguard's implementation has led to accessibility problems, blocking coaches from accessing replay files for gameplay reviews, further complicating its rollout in League of Legends. Read more on Vanguard here.

Solana Labs and Google Cloud Collaborate with GameShift

Solana Labs has collaborated with Google Cloud to introduce GameShift, a platform aimed at bringing Web3 gaming to a wider audience. Through this partnership, Google Cloud will make GameShift available to its customers, simplifying the integration of Web3 gaming technology into their projects. GameShift abstracts blockchain complexity, providing an easy-to-use API for various Web3 needs, including user onboarding, asset minting, marketplace integration, payments, and more.

The collaboration reflects a strategic push by both Solana Labs and Google Cloud to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in gaming, offering streamlined solutions for developers and enhancing the gaming experience for players. Read more the official press release.

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