Weekly Esports Wrap Up | Jun 07
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2024-06-07
Weekly Esports Wrap Up | Jun 07

BIG, NMKR, and Yellow House team up for esports player transfer market

Berlin International Gaming (BIG), a German esports organization, has partnered with esports consulting agency Yellow House and blockchain infrastructure company NMKR to create “a global, standardized transfer market.” This platform will allow players to search for teams and organizations to recruit talent. The marketplace will feature detailed player profiles and a reputation system to ensure transparency and trustworthiness.

NMKR will handle the platform's design, development, and implementation, while Yellow House will manage communication. The project is supported by Project Catalyst, which will provide funding and act as the platform's foundation. Specific details about the launch date and the games involved were not disclosed as of yet. For more information, read the official blog on BIG’s website.

G2 Esports wins IEM Dallas 2024

Overcoming a tough start, G2 Esports’ Counter-Strike 2 team triumphed at IEM Dallas 2024, the 100th event in the ESL tournament series. Initially struggling in the group stage and falling into the lower bracket, G2 displayed resilience by defeating teams like MOUZ and Team Liquid to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. In the grand final, G2 faced Vitality in a thrilling series. After winning the first map, Inferno, and losing the second, Anubis, G2 clinched victory on Nuke with superior strategic play, ultimately securing a 2-1 series win. This championship not only solidified G2's legacy but also earned them a spot at IEM Cologne 2024, starting in August, and the $100,000 grand prize.

Their victory at IEM Dallas 2024 was a testament to G2 Esports' determination, adaptability, and skill, further cementing their status as one of the premier teams in competitive Counter-Strike. For full IEM Dallas 2024 results, visit Liquipedia.

Valorant may be coming to mobile sooner than expected with Chinese approval

It’s speculated that a mobile version of Riot Games' hit shooter Valorant, titled "Valorant: Operation Primal," could be released soon, potentially this weekend. This follows the game's recent approval for release in China, coinciding with the upcoming Valorant Masters Shanghai tournament and Summer Games Fest. The approval hints at a near-final version ready for launch, possibly in a playable form. While Riot Games has been quiet about the mobile project, the timing of the approval with these major events suggests a strategic launch. Although a global release might not be drop immediately, a soft launch in China or Asia could precede a Western debut. Alternatively, Riot's Summer Games Fest involvement might focus on other projects like the League of Legends-themed fighting game 2XKO. Read more about the Riot Games and Nintendo approvals in China here.