Top 3 Esports News of this Week
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2024-02-09

Web3 FPS “Shrapnel” listed for early access on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has listed a new Web3 first-person shooter game called "Shrapnel" for early access testing. Developed by Neon Machine, "Shrapnel" is set in a dystopian world and aims to deliver a high-quality, AAA title gaming experience. The game will compete with other blockchain games like "Star Atlas" and "Illuvium," which are also available on the Epic Games Store in early-access form. Neon Machine, composed of experienced developers from companies like Xbox and Electronic Arts, plans to involve the community in every stage of development until the game's free-to-play launch in 2025.

Shrapnel’s early access build will be playable on February 8, 9, and 10 between 1pm and 9pm PT. For more information, visit the Epic Games Store launch page.

Hunters On-Chain migrates to Immutable’s zkEVM

Polish game developer BoomLand is migrating its popular RPG, Hunters On-Chain, from Polygon's mainnet to Immutable's zkEVM. The move aims to enhance user experience by offering faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees.

Hunters On-Chain, initially deployed on Polygon in 2023, is a free-to-play action RPG featuring Web3 elements such as NFTs and tokens. The integration with Immutable's zkEVM signifies a shift in BoomLand's strategy towards seamless web3 gaming. The transition is expected to unfold over the coming weeks.

For more, read the official BoomLand statement here.

Shardbound playtest pre-registration now open

Bazooka Tango is launching a 10-day playtest for their upcoming Web3 collectible game, Shardbound, in collaboration with Immutabel Games. “Ascent to the Shards” will run from February 21 to March 1 and is limited to 2,000 players on a first-come, first-served basis. Community feedback from previous playtests has been implemented into the latest release, including new gameplay content, a revamped UI, updated card distribution systems, quests, and more.

With recognition as a GAM3 Awards finalist for Most Anticipated Game for 2024, the playtest is bound to fill up fast. Find out more on the official Sharbound site.