Weekly Esports Wrap Up | Apr 26
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2024-04-26

VALORANT’s Path to Pro Division Launches on June 25th

VALORANT is launching its highly-anticipated 'Path to Pro' Invite Division in Episode 9, starting on June 25th. This new Premier mode division will supersede the Contender Division, providing teams a chance to compete for spots in VCT Challenger Leagues worldwide. Promotions into the Invite Division will be granted to teams who win in Contender Division playoff tournaments or secure a top 32 finish in Contender Division standings. To maintain a highly competitive atmosphere, teams in both Contender and Invite Divisions must play a minimum of two scheduled Premier matches weekly. Riot Games notes additional requirements for teams in this division and outlines that winners of the Invite Division are set to compete for promotion into regional Challengers leagues by year's end.

For more, read the official news on playvalorant.com.

Blizzard Announces Major Shifts in 2024 Live Event Plans

In a shocking announcement this week, Blizzard Entertainment officially canceled BlizzCon 2024 and will majorly shift live events this year. While stating that a return of Blizzcon in the future is possible, new plans for upcoming releases and events continue, including World of Warcraft: The War Within launch and Diablo 4's Vessel of Hatred expansion. Additionally, the company hints at participation in conventions like Gamescom and industry trade shows, along with excitement for the Overwatch Champions Series Majors at Dreamhack Dallas and Stockholm. Blizzard also plans multiple global in-person events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Warcraft, alongside in-game festivities throughout 2024. They emphasize a blend of in-person and online experiences to engage the Blizzard community, promising to keep fans updated through live-streamed industry events.

For the full news from Blizzard, read the release here.

Web3 “Pop Shooter” Title Xociety to Launch on Sui

Ndus Interactive has partnered with Mysten Labs to create Xociety, a Web3 game built on the Sui blockchain. Mysten Labs, the original developer of Sui, will provide full support for the game's launch on the platform. Xociety, developed by TeamNdus, is described as a "pop shooter" with RPG elements, offering dynamic PvP and immersive PvE experiences. The game, set to enter early access in Q4 of 2024, aims to engage players both online and offline through Sui events. The development team boasts expertise from major gaming companies such as NCSoft, Nexon, and Krafton, including individuals like Myoungjin Lee, Sang Chung, and Jeffry Kim.

Follow the Xociety project on X here.