Weekly Esports Wrap Up | Apr 19
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2024-04-19

New Changes Coming to the Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League (CDL) is undergoing significant changes according to a recent announcement by CDL's general manager, Daniel Tsay. Notable changes include the elimination of outstanding entry fees and the return of previously collected fees to teams, providing financial relief and fostering a more sustainable model. Moreover, teams will see increased revenue opportunities through in-game merchandise sales and enhanced event subsidies for organizing live in-person events. These changes aim to bolster team stability, with a two-year minimum revenue guarantee enabling continued investment in the league.

For more on the strategic pivot towards growth and success in Call of Duty esports, read the official CDL press release here.

FaZe Clan Emerge Victorious at IEM Chengdu

FaZe Clan emerged victorious at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Chengdu 2024, clinching the Counter-Strike 2 championship title after a remarkable journey. Despite challenges in the Group Stage, FaZe Clan showcased their skill during playoffs and ultimately won the tournament. The event marked the return of competitive gaming to Chengdu (with the last event held in 2009) and attracted a peak viewership of over 330,000. The tournament featured fierce competition among 16 teams, with local heroes from Lynn Vision Gaming, Tyloo, and Steel Helmet vying for victory alongside international powerhouses.

FaZe Clan's secured gold with a dominant performance in the Grand Final against Mouz, taking home an impressive $100,000 of the $250,000 prize pool, and securing a spot in the IEM Cologne 2024 Group Stage. Full results are available on Liquipedia.

Sui Announces Handheld Web3 Gaming Device

Mysten Labs has announced the upcoming launch of the SuiPlay0X1, a handheld gaming device integrated with the Sui blockchain. Set to utilize Playtron's gaming operating system, the device aims to bridge traditional gaming with Web3 capabilities, promising features such as native Sui wallets for users and direct rewards from game developers. While resembling a PlayStation Portable in a marketing video, the device is still in early development, with a release date slated for 2025. Though specific details are scarce, the partnership highlights Mysten's collaboration with Playtron is set to make waves over the next year. Watch the full SuiPlay0X1 trailer here.