Weekly Esports Wrap Up | Apr 12
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2024-04-12

2024 Pokémon European International Championships Results

The Pokémon European International Championships wrapped up this week in London, crowning winners across disciplines like trading card games and video games like Pokémon GO and Pokémon UNITE. Thousands of players from around the globe participated, aiming to earn crucial points for the Pokémon World Championships later this year. Major highlights from the event include Team Fusion from Latin America winning the UNITE tournament, and Tord Reklev from Norway winning the Masters division of Pokémon TCG after fighting through a competitive bracket.

Following the event, it was confirmed that the World Championships would be held from August 16 to August 18 at the Honolulu Convention Center in Hawaii. For a full report from the 2024 Pokémon EUIC, check out the official results here.

Gods Unchained Teams Up With Guild of Guardians in New Expansion

Immutable Games has unveiled "Dread Awakening," the upcoming expansion pack for Gods Unchained set to drop on April 16. The release will mark a groundbreaking crossover with Guild of Guardians, another highly anticipated Web3 game by Immutable. This collaboration introduces a 148-card set inspired by the lore of Guild of Guardians, featuring a Cosmic Horror theme that alters the Gods Unchained universe. The news comes at the heels of a successful February release of the Gods Unchained mobile app, which brought in a whole new player base to enjoy the expansion.

With the release bringing new mechanics and cards, it promises to reshape the game's meta and hints at a larger interconnected gaming world. For more details, read the press release here.

Eddy Gordo Arrives in New Tekken 8 DLC

Eddy Gordo, a beloved Tekken universe character known for his Capoeira fighting style, has made his eagerly-awaited debut in Tekken 8 as part of the Playable Character Year 1 Pass. This DLC package offers four additional fighters throughout the year, with Eddy being the first to arrive in April 2024. Initially accessible to pass holders on April 2, Eddy became available for separate purchase on April 5 for all players. The release has not been without protest in the community, with players lamenting the paywall the DLC creates in the battle replay system specifically.

Those interested in acquiring Eddy can do so through their base game or by purchasing him separately from their platform's digital store. For more, check out the DLC’s Steam page.