Top 3 Esports News of the Week
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2024-01-26

It’s been a busy week in esports, with major tournament news dropping for several titles. We’ll tell you about what’s happening next for Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Counter-Strike 2 (and even Starcraft 2!) in our weekly roundup.

BLAST Announces First Rainbow 6 Major in the UK

BLAST will be hosting the first Rainbow 6 Major of the 23024 season in Manchester, England at the B.E.C Arena from May 16-26th. This will be the opening event for the 2024 season.

This event’s prize pool stands at an impressive $750,000, with 20 teams competing for a cut. BLAST also recently announced changes to its Global Points System, which helps determine how teams qualify for major events.

For more, read the official Ubisoft blog post.

IEM Katowice Counter-Strike 2 and Starcraft II Details Announced

The first major Counter-Strike 2 event of 2024 takes place in Katowice from February 9-11th, with 24 teams seeding into the brackets. For old school RTS fans, the even bigger news is that Starcraft II makes its return to the event starting a day earlier on February 8th.

Read more on the tournaments, read the ESL article here.

Overwatch Champions Series Announced

Just a few short months ago, the Overwatch League shut its doors, leaving the future of pro competitive play at stake. In a surprising turn of events, ESL/FACEIT will now run the Overwatch Champions Series, opening up a revived esports ecosystem for Overwatch players in NA/EMEA regions. Asia will have its own unique format that feeds into the series.

There’s a lot to cover, but if you’re interested in getting more on how the new tournament structure will look like, you can read the entire release by Blizzard here.

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