Introducing our Summer Points Program!
by Community Gaming in Community · 2024-07-02
Introducing our Summer Points Program!

Introducing Summer Points Farming!

Many great journeys begin with a bounty, and CG is making sure your journey is packed with opportunities to win and earn rewards. In order to encourage meaningful engagement with our active users, we are launching the Summer Points. Here’s everything you need to know to start earning points and climbing the ranks for exciting rewards!

How to Get Started Twitter 2 (2).png

  • Create Your Account: Begin your adventure by signing up on our platform. Make sure to link your social media accounts for a seamless experience and refer your friends to join the fun.

  • Spin the Wheel: Daily, seize the opportunity to spin Byte’s Treasure Wheel and earn up to 10,000 points. Untitled design (24).png

  • Complete Daily Quests: Engage with daily quests featuring predictions, quizzes, and news content to earn points and climb the leaderboard ranks.

  • Track Your Progress: Monitor your progress on the leaderboard and come back to visit Byte again tomorrow. We have some exciting surprises waiting for gamers willing to go the distance. Is that you?

Ways to Earn Points

image (66).png Daily Quests Complete fun and engaging quests to earn additional points every day. These may range from simple predictions to challenging quizzes and will reward you for your participation, including activities like:

  • Making Gaming Predictions
  • Completing Quizzes
  • Opening Loot Boxes
  • Checking Out Gaming News
  • Strong Tournament Placement
  • Hosting a Tournament
  • Spinning Byte’s Treasure Wheel Daily image (67).png

Loot Boxes Loot box unlock after every 10,000 points gained for additional chances to earn points! Inside, you could find extra points or bonus spins to amp up your reward potential. Stay tuned for exciting new rewards coming soon!

Social Engagement Connect with CG on social platforms to boost your points tally. Stay updated by following us on Twitter, participating in our Discord community, and showcasing your accomplishments.

Earn More with Referrals Enhance your points earning potential with our referral program. When your referrals collect points, you will receive some too, making recruiting more players to the CG platform a strategic decision.

Become a Tournament Organizer Host your own tournament to earn points. Now that everyone has organizer dashboard access, you can climb the ranks as a tournament organizer and reach Silver, Gold, and beyond for even more rewards.

Start Earning Points Now Get started with Byte's Treasure Wheel. Reap valuable rewards now and in the future as you advance, accumulating more points with each completed activity across the CG platform. This journey is built to ensure that the more you game, the more you get rewarded. The Summer points program starts today and will conclude before the end of the summer. Get ready for some sunny surprises!