Q3 2023 Product Update
by Community Gaming in Changelogs · 2023-10-31

Hello Gamers! It's been a while since we’ve shared updates on our development efforts with you. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the fantastic events occurring across our platform.

The Community has been growing, and the sheer number of tournaments hosted and competitors participating on Community Gaming have smashed records month-over-month. We thank you deeply for choosing our platform for your esports action.

Throughout the duration of Quarter 3 we have been in a bit of a stealth build mode. You might have noticed some newer developments, but that's because we’ve been cooking up larger items for our end-of-the-year efforts. You might see some new treats VERY SOON.

New Features

  • The launch of our new blog, moving off of Medium blog
  • Ability to embed Quests in multiple areas of the CommunityGaming.io site, this was demonstrated with Quests enabled for visitors of our 3XP web3 gaming event
  • Overhauled Account Creation & Login Page
    • New UI and Visual Design to communitygaming.io/auth
    • Migration of all accounts to passwordless login
    • SSO Account Creation & Login for: Discord, Twitter/X, & Google

Updated Features

  • Editing the number of Teams in Battle Royale no longer results in Teams being moved to the waitlist
  • Updated the UI of the Tournament Organizer Dashboard to reveal the - ‘Duplicate’ button for tournaments, easing the process to run repeated events.
  • ‘Ready Up’ enable/disable toggle, and addition of a customizable timer
  • Prevent users from editing Registration Questions during check-in
    • Note - We will be re-evaluating registration question answer periods
  • Quests can have fractional rewards in excess of $1 USDC - (IE- $1.25 USDC)
  • No longer redirect users to the Homepage from an Event Page if you registered not logged-in

Bug Fixes

  • A Tournament Organizer can successfully delete an uploaded image in a matchroom without error. Also no longer results in an error about new messages being available.
  • Fixed an issue uploading images on Firefox browser
  • Several items surrounding the Editing of Tournaments
  • Updated the UI for Tournament Cards when viewed from Mobile Devices on ‘Explore’ & ‘Tournament Organizer Dashboard’ pages
  • Retracting tournaments when using Sequence wallet
  • Display issues related to Quest rewards
  • Custom point values not calculating for tournaments using the ‘Battle Royale’ bracket
  • Being unable to link a Sequence Wallet
  • Tournament Organizers being unable to click on Tournaments when viewed on a Vertically-oriented mobile device
  • Intermittent issues in being unable to claim Tournament Rewards
  • Restored Ronin Wallet linking on desktop web browsers
  • Restored launching a tournament on Solana with Sequence Wallet