Personalized Esports Tournament Hosting: The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Features
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2023-07-19

Esports is an umbrella term covering video game tournaments across many titles and competitive formats. The industry is incredibly diverse with thousands of tournaments held each year including long-time fan favorites such as League of Legends, and newer titles such as the comic book-inspired trading card game, MARVEL SNAP.

In both familiar and fresh games, esports tournament organizers are experimenting with new tournament formats to keep their competitive environments as balanced and entertaining as possible. Finding the right tools to bring diverse and evolving tournament formats to life can be difficult, with many esports resources built for mainstream tournament formats. Innovative ideas are empowered by adaptive tools. That’s why Community Gaming builds Advanced Features for tournaments; to empower Tournament Organizers to carry out their vision.

Guide to Advanced Features


Check-in requires all competitors to confirm they are present and ready to play in your tournament. With the click of a button, participants confirm their attendance directly on your tournament page. Using check-in on Community Gaming saves you the hassle of communicating with every individual player and team to confirm they’re ready to play in your tournament.

How long is the check-in period?

You have the ability to set your check-in period from 24 hours up to 10 minutes prior to your tournament start. Long check-in periods between 12 to 24 hours are great for competitors with busy schedules and tournament organizers who want to confirm someone’s intention to participate. Short check-in periods between 10 minutes to 2 hours ensures players are at their battle stations and ready to compete as soon as your bracket is live.

Who needs to check-in?

All participants registered, including waitlisted individuals, need to check-in. For team tournaments, one member may check-in on behalf of their team.

What happens if a participant does not check-in?

Competitors who fail to check-in will automatically be dropped from the tournament. If you have a waitlist, then competitors checked-in on the waitlist take the place of dropped competitors.

Can I, as the tournament organizer, check-in for a participant?

Yes, tournament organizers may check-in for participants.

Invitational Slots

Toggling invitational slots allows you to reserve any number of spots for specific players. Use invitational slots to reserve space for your community VIPs or host a closed tournament.

Invitational slots are only available for solo tournaments, but we’re working on expanding the feature to team tournaments in the near future!

Auto-Approved Match Reporting

Match scores can be approved without a Tournament Admin by turning on auto-approved match reporting. With auto-approval on, only one competitor has to report the match score and a tournament admin does not need to verify the score in order to move the bracket forward. Auto-approval is recommended for Tournament Organizers hosting large tournaments with few tournament admins.

Is auto-approval instant?

Auto-approval is instantaneous by default. You may set an auto-approval timer between 3 to 20 minutes after the score has been reported if you like to double-check match results or give competitors a short break after finishing their matches.

What if a match score is reported incorrectly?

Incorrect match scores can be corrected by yourself or a tournament admin with match reporting permissions.

Registration Questions

Collect information from your players such as rank/skill level, Discord ID, social media handles, and more with customizable registration questions. Each question can be answered with one of three input types: text field, dropdown selection, and file upload. You may also mark questions as mandatory or optional, and make answers private to tournament admins or public to all competitors.

Game Username

Collect in-game usernames with ease by requiring all participants to submit their in-game usernames during registration. Game usernames are available for all participants to reference and easily add their opponents.

Match Ready-Up

Match ready-up requires players to ready-up on your tournament page within 10 minutes of the start of every round. Competitors who fail to ready-up for their next match forfeit the match, and their opponent is awarded the win. Match ready-up encourages player punctuality and reduces tournament delays that may be caused by player no-shows.

3rd Place Match

Add a 3rd place decider match to your single and double elimination tournaments to determine your top three participants.

Tournament Hosting Tailored to Your Needs

You deserve the best tournament hosting experience possible. Our advanced features are designed for you to customize your tournament hosting experience, but how do you know which ones to choose?

No need to worry; we’ve put together a list of common values and suggested features to enable!

You want to save time managing a bracket

Enable: Check-in and Auto-Approved Match Reporting

Semi-automate your tournament on Community Gaming by enabling check-in and auto-approved match reporting.

By reducing the amount of time you have to spend on manual tasks, you have more opportunities to connect with your competitors, promote your event on social media, or take a lunch break without worrying about tournament delays.

You need detailed information from competitors

Enable: Registration Questions and Request Game Username

Collecting player information through multiple registration forms or direct messages is a thing of the past when you use Registration Questions and Request Game Username on Community Gaming.

Review your registered players, reference requested player information, communicate with participants, and manage tournament brackets all on your own tournament page.

You value punctuality

Enable: Check-in and Match Ready-Up

If no-shows and late players are the bane of your existence, enforce punctuality by using tournament check-in and match ready-up.

The combination of these two features encourages players to respect their fellow competitors’ time by coming to tournament day on time, prepared, and ready to play.

Customize Your Experience

Now that you know all about advanced features, you can use any combination to create a personalized experience on Community Gaming!

Try out one or two advanced features during your next tournament and share your experience with our staff members and your fellow tournament organizers in our Discord Server.

If you do not have access to the tournament creation dashboard already, submit a Tournament Organizer application, and a staff member will contact you in 3-5 business days.