Introducing Organizer Access For All!
by Community Gaming in Changelogs · 2024-05-28

Hello, Champions of the CG universe!

We’re thrilled to announce a long-awaited update that will empower each one of you to unlock the full potential of esports tournaments! Dubbed internally as OAFA (a name our dev team despises) Organizer Access For All grants every user the ability to create their own automated tournaments from the moment they sign up! Read the blog for all details!

Organizer Access for All

With our new launch, every player who signs up to CG possesses the power to become a Tournament Organizer (TO). Yes, you heard that right! No more waiting for approvals. You are in charge from the get-go as a Rookie TO, and upon successfully hosting your first tournament, you'll progress to the Bronze level.

As you master the art of organizing, you'll ascend through the prestigious ranks of Silver, Gold, Diamond, and ultimately, Elite TO status.


The Reputation Score: Your Path to Prestige

We want to reward organizers for hosting successful tournaments. Your journey as a TO will be marked by the newly integrated Reputation Scoring algorithm. Every tournament you host will be a step toward increasing your reputation and unlocking new benefits. Your commitment, your effort, and your success are now quantifiable, pushing you forward through the ranks of the Organizer Hierarchy.

The Power of Reputation

As you elevate your reputation, so too does the visibility of your tournaments. Higher ranks are accompanied by increased prominence in our homepage’s featured listings section. A higher reputation translates to more eyes on your events, more competitors in your brackets, more viewers on your stream, and a more vibrant community rallying around your trusted banner.


Smart Sorting: Only the Best for Our Players

We've implemented smart sorting algorithms to ensure that when you organize a tournament, it’s set for success, visibility, and participation. As you climb up the reputation levels, your tournament will rise to the top of the list!


Opportunity for Prime Homepage Exposure

As you climb the ranks, you'll unlock the chance to showcase your tournaments prominently on our homepage. Securing this prime placement boosts your visibility significantly, attracting more participants to join your events.


Unlock Enhanced Grant Opportunities

As you ascend through the ranks, your opportunities for securing grants will expand significantly. From modest beginnings as a Rookie TO to reaching the pinnacle of Elite status, you'll unlock access to increasingly lucrative grant opportunities. These grants empower you to prize pools and produce top-tier quality production.

Empowering Organizer Fee Flexibility

As your reputation levels rise, unlocking the potential for increased organizer fees, your passion for esports transforms into lucrative opportunities. Initially, organizers start at the Rookie level with the organizer fee feature disabled. However, upon successfully hosting your inaugural tournament and attaining Bronze level status, you can earn up to 20%. Progressing to Silver allows for a 30% fee, while reaching Gold, Diamond, and Elite levels all grant the ability to set your organizer fee at 50%, providing you with the freedom to maximize your earnings as your tournaments gain popularity.

Earn Your Stripes, Flaunt Your Badges

As you climb the Reputation Score ladder, not only will your organizational skills be recognized, but they’ll also be visible for all to admire. With five types of TO badges - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Elite - your profile will reflect your growing prowess and the trust the community places in you.


Tips to earn more reputation scores!

  • Go On-Chain to enjoy our automated payments: Unlock the full potential of esports with on-chain tournaments! Offer trusted stablecoins payment options like USDC. Your prize pool isn't just cool—it's a reputation booster. Try out using secure, blockchain-enabled payments and watch your scores soar! And remember, a fairly distributed prize pool means higher scores so try to award more players. There are no fees for processing on-chain payments to all your players!
  • Think Big, Win Big: Size matters, especially in the esports arena! Hosting a mega event? That's the ticket to a reputation jackpot. But hold your horses—make sure your bracket is packed tight.
  • Want to add a touch of exclusivity with World ID verification? Elevate your event to a new level of security and watch as your reputation skyrockets by allowing only verified players.

A Streamlined Experience for All

In pursuit of excellence, we’ve given our tournament creation process a complete overhaul. Say goodbye to unnecessary information overload at the outset and enjoy a refined UX and UI that’ll make tournament setup a breeze. The basics are simple and streamlined for a quick start, while the advanced setup option offers in-depth customization for seasoned TOs.

Need assistance? Check out organizer tutorials for expert guidance on configuring your events!


Something Big is on the Horizon!

But that’s not all – stay tuned for an announcement that will reveal more details about our upcoming Points System which will help supercharge your rewards! Thank you for being the core of our vibrant community.

Ready to start your TO journey? Get started now and let the games begin!

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Happy gaming!