Product Changelog, May 2024: Organizer Access for All, Games Shelf, and more!
by Community Gaming in Changelogs · 2024-06-03

The most advanced tournament software just got even better! This month, we're making some big changes that will enhance your tournament experience as both a player and an organizer. Read on to learn about Organizer Access for All, the Games Shelf, and more!

What's new?

Organizer Access for All (OAFA)

Dubbed internally as OAFA, we have enabled every user to become a Tournament Organizer (TO) immediately upon signing up! This change democratizes access and encourages more users to engage in organizing tournaments. Create your tournament on the fly in less than 5 minutes, customize it fully, and (optionally) enable automated payments at scale! Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and complex manual maneuvers because managing tournaments has never been easier with our diverse bracket options, private match rooms, and admin action hub.


Tournament Organizer Reputation System

We have introduced a new Reputation Score system that tracks TOs based on their activity. This system aims to motivate organizers and recognize their contributions. Reputation Badges now visually represent a TO's current level. As organizers level up, they will see level-up modals, and every user will encounter a descriptive pop-up modal that explains OAFA is live on their first session.

Reputation-based smart sorting for tournaments, enabling us to elevate the visibility of tournaments based on the quality and reputation of the organizers. This ensures that players have seamless access to the most engaging experiences available on our platform.

Organizer Fee Based on Reputation: To incentivize higher engagement, we are adjusting organizer fee limits. Initially, organizers start at the Rookie level with the organizer fee feature disabled. Upon successfully hosting their first tournament and attaining Bronze level status, they can earn up to 20%. Progressing to Silver allows up to a 30% fee while reaching Gold, Diamond, and Elite levels grants the ability to set the organizer fee up to 50%.

Verified Organizers: Verified organizers will sport a special badge next to their Reputation Badge, demonstrating their trustworthiness. Official CG accounts can now be identified by the CG logo next to their name as an exclusive reputation level.

Check out all the details and tips to earn more reputation scores!

final badges.png

Favorite Games Shelf

Customize your CG experience to make it even more personalized! Searching for your favorite games is now at your fingertips on the homepage.

Quick Filters: Your favorite games now function as quick filters to level up tournament discoverability! Customize your game shelf as you wish, and access tournaments based on your interests with just a click.


Mobile Experience: Look for a new section on the homepage, slide the game cards, and customize similarly!


Visitor Homepage: We've included a Game Cards section showcasing the most popular games on the platform, allowing visitors to easily filter new tournaments.


New Matchroom Navigation for Elimination

Is it ever hard to find your matchroom? Or even your spot in a giant bracket tree? Not anymore! We’re introducing additional navigation for the matchroom to increase visibility and address this pain point in your CG journey. Your active matchroom is always with you at the top of the bracket to guide you to your opponent.


Linking Google Account

It is now possible to connect your Google and CG accounts in seconds! Visit your profile and see social connect actions at a glance! This move will unlock many surprise rewards for you in the future!


Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Synced gmails and Google SSO so you can also log in without an OTP code. Did you sign up via your gmail? Try logging in with Google and enjoy the flexibility!
  • Max bracket size has been increased to 2048 for Elimination and Swiss.
  • Payment restriction for disqualified users.
  • Updated the "Insufficient Balance" error message to make it more clear.
  • Duplicate tournament - Empty registration question issue has been fixed.
  • Image upload upper limit in Matchrooms has been increased for Organizers and Admins.
  • Fixed Ready-up modal issue for users refreshing the page.
  • Fixed Inv. slots max team size issue.
  • Fixed self-reporting issue for lower brackets of double elimination.
  • Added loading animation for SSO login and signup.
  • Fixed link issue for team invitation email notification.
  • Minor homepage refinements.

What's Next?

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation. Stay tuned for more updates about the next phase of CG’s ecosystem! New earning opportunities with Social Media Quests, and our Points System are on the horizon!

Thank you for being a vital part of our community. Your passion and engagement drive us to keep enhancing CG. Together, we're shaping the future of gaming.

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Happy gaming!