March Product Changelog
by Community Gaming in Features · 2023-04-04

Highlight: Report Scores in Your Match Rooms!

This month we’re prioritizing competitors on the Community Gaming website by adding self-reporting to match rooms and match ready-up notifications! Now, you (and your teammates!) can communicate with your opponents, reach out to admins, and submit your match scores all in the same place.

Tournament Organizers running Single or Double Elimination tournaments can also toggle ‘Match Ready-Up’ to notify players when their round is ready. If a player or team doesn’t ready-up within 10 minutes, they’ll forfeit their match.

Try combining Match Ready-up and Self-Reporting to automate your tournament bracket!

New Features

  • [Tournaments] Added Self-Reporting in Match Rooms for Round Robin, Single Elimination, and Double Elimination tournaments.
  • [Tournaments] Organizers may toggle ‘Match Ready-Up’ notifications for Single and Double Elimination brackets.
  • [Tournaments] Added elimination style progression to Battle Royale brackets for multi-stage tournaments.
  • [Tournament Creation] Added prize retraction to tournaments hosted on Solana. Funds from tournaments created on Solana will be sent back to Tournament Organizers’ wallets-supporting both SOL & SPL tokens.
  • [Tournament Creation] Number of teams in a tournament may be edited after tournament creation.
  • [Tournament Creation] Required team size for a tournament may be edited after tournament creation.
  • [Tournament Creation] Tournament prize details, including prize pool and payout details, for on-chain (cryptocurrency) tournaments may be edited after tournament creation.
  • [Tournament Creation] Invite System is available to all Tournament Organizers for solo (non-team) tournaments.
  • [Wallets] Added the ability to transfer NFTs between wallets linked to a Community Gaming account.

Content Updates

  • Improved translations in Spanish and Portuguese.

UI Updates

  • Removed various Tool Tips on the Tournament Creation page to optimize the visual layout of features.
  • Modified visual elements on Tournament Cards to enhance user experience on the mobile website.
  • Added Community Gaming Verified Badge to official Community Gaming accounts.
  • Updated Duplicate Tournament modal for tournaments with long names.

Bug Fixes

  • [Tournaments] Fixed a bug regarding player region/country in geographically restricted tournaments.
  • [Tournament Creation] Fixed a bug where custom scoring would not transfer to a duplicated Battle Royale tournament.
  • [Tournament Creation] Fixed a bug where game titles would not copy to a duplicated tournament.