March Community Gaming Update
by Community Gaming in Features · 2023-04-08

Hello Community Members!

It’s been a while since we at CG have given you an update on what our teams have been working on for all of you. January and February were large months for us, and we are excited to share some highlights with all of you.

Ecosystem Expansion

Last July Community Gaming extended its on-chain offerings by offering support for Ronin Chain. We’ve been happy to see how many Tournament Organizers have run events with native payouts of AXS and SLP through this offering.

Continuing with our commitments to build and support the web3 space, we are happy to announce that we are now offering support for launching tournaments on Solana! In addition to that, you’ll now find that Phantom Wallet is supported, and if you’re new to Solana there is no need to worry as your default CG Wallet has been upgraded to support Solana prizes as well.

As an event host, you’ll find the option to run your event through Solana when configuring Prize Details. Reach out to your friendly CG Community Manager if your preferred token is missing, and we’ll add it in very quickly! Mark your calendar for March 15th as this is when the feature will become accessible while creating your Tournament.

### Did Someone Say ‘NFT’?

Listen, we get it. Some of you would rather steer clear of NFTs. That is why we are not going to hide this new feature under a veil by referencing it as ‘Digital Collectibles’. One day we hope to see more gamers embrace the philosophy of owning in-game assets, and until then we hope to see you competing on our platform to earn cash and USDC. However, for those who enjoy owning their digital assets in games like Skyweaver, Axie Infinity, or Thetan Arena-we are happy to announce we are looking to offer Early Access for organizers to beta test our NFT Prize feature for tournaments!

For those who opt into this Early Access hereyou’ll be able to host Tournaments with NFTs as Prizes! Our talented development team tried something new for CG by creating a drag-and-drop interface. Tournament Organizers who apply and run an event with us are welcome to provide feedback that will go back directly to our Product & Development teams for additional polish ahead of a full launch. Please note that we don’t support NFTs on Solana just yet. Hold tight and we will look to get that later this year.

### Wallet Management Gets an Upgrade

At CG we are working to simplify your experience of gaming across multiple blockchains. To this end, we’ve added Sequence Wallet and Phantom Wallet support to your wallet management screen. We believe in making it easier to track all of your assets across different blockchains, and as a bonus feature in this update, we’ve made it possible for you to see NFTs assets in your connected wallets. Feel free to give this a try by connecting a Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, Ronin Wallet, Phantom Wallet, or Sequence Wallet today.

### Roll Out the Red Carpet for the VIPs

Have you ever run an event and space filled up before some of your devout followers could join? We have now launched a new feature to lock registration slots to specific invited players. You can see the first step of this in the Advanced Options, and from there you can find the menu to invite players by their username, email, or wallet address in the following modal.

For now, we offer this for solo tournaments starting on March 15th, and in the future will expand this to support Team based tournaments. Keep tuned for a future update from us on this.

### More Power to the Organizers

While all of the previous updates were large in scale, we haven’t lost sight of the day-to-day needs for Organizers to be successful with using Community Gaming’s platform for competitions. There are 3 additional highlights that the Product & Development team wants to call attention to.

  1. Edit Tournaments
  2. We have now enabled all Organizers to edit the details of their competition up until Check-In. This allows you to adjust bracket details, the number of participants, or prizing.
  3. Duplicate Tournament
  4. Admittedly we buried this feature, however, if you check out your Dashboard and scroll to the right, you’ll find a stealthy button to allow you to duplicate a previous tournament

and use it as a template to launch a new one.

  1. Prizeless Tournaments
  2. Sometimes you just want to play for fun, and it’s been awkward to advertise a “$0.01” prize when there isn’t a payout. So now we are enabling you to host an event without a prize or award. Whether it’s a practice tournament for a recent meta-shift, or you’re intending to run a League to identify the top 16 players to progress for a chance at a real prize down the line: We have your back.

The Fun Never Stops

One of Community Gaming’s company values is “Never Stop Gaming”. In honor of that, we intend never to stop delivering value to all of you: Our Organizers, Competitors, and Community. In the past, we’ve stealth-dropped changes and updates to our products and features that have taken everyone by surprise. We are working through improved internal processes to provide awareness before changes. Until this is complete, you can look forward to monthly change logs. You can find January and February compiled here.

(Chief Product Officer Aaron Colpaert)