Level Up with Community Gaming’s New Tournament Series for Women and Non-Binary Players
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2022-02-09

The Level Up VALORANT Women’s Tournament occurred this past weekend, February 5th-6th. The Level Up tournament was the brainchild of DazedDreams, a VALORANT observer and advocate for women and non-binaries in esports. She sought to provide a platform for lower-elo non-men players to compete in esports and gain exposure to competitive play. Working together with Sajedene, Community Gaming’s Lead Events Coordinator, they developed a vision and plan to create the Level Up tournament.

In anticipation for this new opportunity, several teams wanted to sign up for the tournament. The response was overwhelming as slots filled up quickly to meet the 16-team cap for and there were many more teams on the waitlist. The tournament was a round-robin group stage followed by an eight-team single elimination bracket. All matches were best-of-ones except the Grand Finals, which was a best-of-three series. On Sunday, the Semifinals and Grand Finals matches were broadcasted on the Community Gaming Valorant channel to capture this inaugural event. Going to each of the top 4 teams is the highly coveted prize of the tournament, a 1-hour coaching session with dnos, a well-known player in the scene and co-founder of Man I Love Fwogs. The grand finalists also earned a split of the $500 prize pool.

The first fight of the broadcast was between Yoru Mains and Killer Queens on Ascent. Although there were no Yorus played in this match, there were plenty of duelists to spare with both teams opting for a double duelist composition. Even with the aggressive style composition the teams chose, there was a tremendous amount of trigger discipline shown by these teams.

The game was extremely close, but Yoru Mains made it into the Finals after beating the Killer Queens 13-11.

Also opting for a double duelists composition, degen demons and DJ CAT battled on Ascent for the other spot in the Finals. Much like in this Jett vs. Raze battle for mid-control, CoolCat and her team were able to dash past the degen demons’s initial lead.

In the beginning, DJ CAT was in a 1-6 deficit. However, they climbed to take back the map once they started taking more control of mid and once they unleashed Dionysis (the top fragger of the match at 29 kills).

Making it into the Grand Finals, DJ CAT and Yoru Mains not only had the first-place prize at stake in this series, but also the settling of an internal friendly rivalry. While CoolCat and Lilac usually play on the same team, they decided for this tournament to challenge each other on separate teams with this battle being settled on in the Grand Finals. Starting this duel on Haven, it was clear that this was DJ CAT’s pick as they were able to win nine rounds before Yoru Mains were able to put a point on the board. Both Dionysus and CoolCat were a force in the finals together as the two duelists, taking space and running down Yoru Mains. In addition to the double duelist composition from DJ CAT, the other unique pick of the day was the use of Brimstone on all their maps. They were able to make Brimstone work to set up the team’s duelist with the incendiary and the smoke coverage.

DJ CAT decisively won Haven; however, Yoru Mains put up a significant counter on Map 2, Bind. Stalling out the duelist duo at times, Yoru Mains were able to comparatively put up additional points on the second map, but ultimately lost to 8-13 to DJ CATS.

Thanks to all the players for participating and to the 1,000 Dreams Fund for their support of the prize. Thank you to Gompers and spicyypyro for casting, to drDelta for observing, and to Pai for producing this inaugural event. Congratulations to DJ CAT (ash, CoolCat, Dionysus, Durtleturtle, and Jordayne) for winning their first tournament.

Make sure to clear your schedule for March 19-20 for the next iteration of Level Up VALORANT presented by Community Gaming. Because of the growing demand, 20 teams will be allowed to register for this next tournament. There will also be an even bigger prize pool of $600 with prizes going to the top 4 teams. To register for the next Level Up Tournament, stay tuned to sign up on communitygaming.io!

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Coverage and interviews byLynne “DrDelta” DumenyTwitter | Medium