January / February 2023 Changelog
by Community Gaming in Community · 2023-03-03

January 5th, 2023

  • Added the ability to edit bracket settings and prizing details on ‘Edit Tournament’ page
  • Added Redirect URL page
  • Changed the Double Elimination bracket’s UI, specifically arrows directions and match positions on the bracket.Fixed a problem with game filtering from a tournament page
  • Fixed inaccurate translations
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Matchrooms to not be generated
  • Fixed a problem with fetching the user’s phantom balance.
  • Fixed a problem with tournament retraction with CG Wallet.
  • Fixed an issue with very small numerical numbers in entry-fee tournament prize distributions
  • Fixed an issue related to advanced distributions with Battle Royale bracket during tournament creation
  • Fixed an issue related to ‘Edit Tournament’ where it was not displaying all of the games on the platform
  • Fixed an issue with filtering leaderboard for RON token
  • Fixed an issue showing the correct remaining time for when a bracket starts
  • Fixed a UI Issue related to responses in ‘Registration Questions’

January 24th, 2023

  • Initial support for NFT Prize Tournaments
  • Added Sequence wallet integration
  • Added SPL token support for Solana-launched Tournaments
  • Added social share on an event’s page
  • Both Single & Double Elimination tournaments will open the Matchroom in a new tab
  • Added instant refresh for ‘Round Robin’ tournaments for all users to see instant updates
  • Added UI indications of required fields on sign-up
  • Removed USD text on my tournaments page
  • Added the ability for users to minimize some notifications
  • Off-chain tournament prize distribution preview calculation updated
  • Fixed visual issues on explore page
  • Fixed bugs related to ‘Edit Tournament’ that caused problems with tournament start time restrictions & registration questions
  • Fixed an issue with some notification types
  • Fixed a visual issue on winners tab where the prize percentage was too long.
  • Fixed a bug with prize distribution that was causing some crypto tournaments to have issue in the creation step
  • Fixed an issue with 3rd/4th placement matches sometimes throwing an error in tournament creation if prize pool placement is less than 4
  • Fixed an issue with tournaments with the organizer as a player, where self-report button was showing up in the matches tab.
  • Fixed a visual issue in teams that join in with no subs
  • Fixed Changed the hover color for the invited tournaments table inside my tournaments page
  • Fixed a visual issue on sign-up when not accepting Privacy Policy & User Agreement error message
  • Redesigned how SE/DE brackets UI
  • Missed Quests will no longer show on the Daily Quest list
  • The top-level reward of a Quest is a roll-up style reward and is only available if the entire quest is completed
  • Added new FIAT currencies to be advertised in a prize pool

Vietnamese Dong-VND

Philippine Peso-PHP

Indonesian Rupiah-IDR

Indian Rupee-INR

Peruvian Sol-PEN

Argentine Peso-ARS

Brazilian Real-BRL

Chilean Peso-CHL

February 14th, 2023

  • Transition 2FA emails from a URL to a One Time Passcode
  • Updated our partners’ page
  • Replaced invalid discord invite link on homepage
  • Updated FAQ page design.
  • Added stream tab to tournament pages
  • Added Verified Role checkmark to official Community Gaming accounts
  • Ability to open tournaments in a new tab on Dashboard Page
  • Improved our translation infrastructure
  • Hid completed/live tournament on explore page default view
  • Fixed swiss self-reporting to show scores to be visible to players
  • Fixed the tooltip in region-locked tournaments.
  • Fixed winners tab showing 3rd placement when the prize distribution is less than 3
  • Fixed buy-in modal showing inaccurate buy-in fees in the modal when users are not signed in.
  • Fixed an issue when cookies are invalidated, edit user page was showing 404 page.
  • Fixed an issue with scores in Round Robin tournaments when a player self-reports

February 28th, 2023

  • Added GameIDs to matchrooms. Visible below the username in yellow text
  • Added No Prize Pool when creating a tournament
  • This in in support for qualifier matches for Leagues
  • Added unread notification/message in matchrooms to indicate newly sent/unread messages
  • Battle Royale Matchrooms are now grouped by rounds
  • Added matchroom icon next to group’s icons in Battle Royale tournament bracket overview
  • Old Messages in matchrooms will gradually load for performance reasons
  • New improvements to balance fetching techniques on the wallet page
  • Fixed problem with infinite loading on sign-up for some users
  • Fixed verified badge UI issue for long names
  • Fixed streaming issues for youtube and fixed the examples that were given in the creation step for platform links
  • Fixed an issue with NFT tournament creation when filtering tokens
  • Fixed a UI issue on my matches/matches tab where TBDs were showing as empty circles
  • Fixed outdated links in FAQ
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements