Halloween Product Update
by Community Gaming in Changelogs · 2023-11-01

Happy Halloween, Gamers! Trick or treat! We have one new trick up our sleeve that is sure to be a treat! Promise there are no tricks here. Get ready, and maybe put ‘Thriller’ on in the background as we unveil our latest developments with you.

Your new ‘Dashboard’ has arrived


That looks pretty spiffy, right? This is your new Dashboard and it will become your hub when you aren’t in the middle of a firefight or top-decking for the win in your favorite TCG. Think of your Dashboard as the centralized activity center for your CG account.

We’ve noticed confusion amongst our users on how to manage your Profile, view Tournament Registrations, or adjust Account preferences. As we introduced new features, we had the habit of keeping them disconnected from your overall account, making you hunt for what you needed. We’ve decided to centralize all of your account features into one place.

In addition to focusing on your Experience at Community Gaming, we wanted to provide you with performance information at a glance. You’ll see a new Stats panel on your Dashboard showing your Quest and Tournament performance. Keep chasing bigger numbers, future Achievements will be unlockable based on how we are tracking your performance.

Also, your Dashboard doubles as your profile! We hide your personal information from public viewing, so don’t worry about others knowing your email address or other sensitive information. In the future we plan to add Showcases to allow you to show off Achievement Badges you’ll earn on the platform, or to even show off a rare NFT like a Mystic Axie.

For a while, you’ll notice some other aspects like managing your Teams or Wallets are still not part of your Dashboard. We have plans to migrate these and other features over to your Dashboard. Keep checking back as we communicate how we roll out these additional features to your Dashboard.

Next on deck is our full launch of NFT Prize Tournaments!


You may recall we teased launching this feature earlier in the year. After some trials and minor Interface rework for Tournament Organizers, we are excited to allow any tournament to offer NFTs as prizes.

Part of Community Gaming’s mission is to educate and enable Gamers and Esport enthusiasts to embrace web3 & blockchain healthily and responsibly. It's part of our ethics that we encourage the usage of stablecoins like USDC, and heavily vet new Game partners when they create and launch blockchain-enabled games. We all love owning our skins and weapons in popular online games, and NFTs are an extension of the digital ownership of in-game assets. Official Community Gaming tournaments will still offer tournament prizes with a mixture of Fiat Currencies, and Stablecoin Cryptocurrencies, as well as in-game assets from popular games like Axie Infinity or Skyweaver in the form of NFT prizes.

Now as an Organizer, you will find new options in the Prize Details tab to use Fiat Currencies like the US Dollar or the Euro, Cryptocurrency prizes, or NFT Prizes. A tournament configured for NFT prizes exclusively rewards players in NFTs. You are still free to choose how to reward the top competitors in your tournaments. Think of this as another tool in your community-building toolbelt.

Which games and NFT collections are supported? nft_compatibility.png

The game or NFT collection you want to reward isn't here? You’ll notice on the Prize Details tab there is a section to request a collection to be added. Submit a request form from there and our team will evaluate and reply on the addition of that specific collection.

At this time our NFT Prize Feature is available on Ethereum MainNet, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Ronin Network. If you request a game or collection on another chain we will evaluate and add to our backlog for future developments.

Interested in getting started? If you are a regular player in these games or other web3 games, please reach out to our Community Managers or your favorite TO to get a tournament launched with this feature. You will claim your NFT Prize through the Rewards Section of the Wallet Page like normal.

Tiny Treats

What's a Product Update without mentioning that smaller treats we’ve rolled out? Here is our October Changelog:

New Features

  • Game Title Specific Cover Images
    • Mobile:Legends Bang Bang, Garena Free Fire, Clash of Clans, Axie Infinity: Origin, Marvel Snap, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends, Champions of Otherwordly Magic, DOTA 2, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Pokemon Unite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, & FIFA 2023
    • Any other game gets a new Generic Image
    • TOs can still upload custom images!
  • Social Sign-On with Facebook is now offered!
    • This is an addition from our initial SSO options with Twitter/X, Discord, and Google
  • A new toggle for Tournament Organizers & Admins to enable editing registrations questions any point before starting Round 1

Updated Features

  • Tournament CSV can now export the ‘No Shows’ list

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Check-In issue that resulted in many players being added to the ‘No Shows’ list.
  • Fixed default wallet linking & unlinking issues

You may ask what's next on the horizon. Well, we’ve been cooking up something related to Questing in our Cauldron for a while. It isn’t quite done yet, but keep checking back for updates. Stay tuned for our future updates on Player Dashboard and other Tournament features.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Gaming!