Early Access to Community Gaming’s Questing System is Now Live!
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2022-10-28

At Community Gaming, we’re deeply invested in the philosophy of “Earnings for Everyone”-the idea that anyone and everyone should have the chance to monetize their passions,. With that in mind, we want every gamer on our platform to be able to earn rewards, regardless of time commitment or proficiency.

Enter the Community Gaming Questing System, a massive step forward in our journey to create meaningful reward opportunities for all of our users. The Questing System features a multitude of digestible quests that offer USDC rewards (via Polygon) alongside our standard esports tournament structure. It’s an engine for daily content, a robust game discovery tool, and an innovative way to gamify the platform, all rolled into one.

Within this early access window, you’ll be able preview the system’s earnings potential while learning more about the ecosystem for competitive web3 gaming. Early access quests will vary, but many will involve different ways of staying informed about upcoming tournaments by leading users to new announcements and tournament pages. We’ll be closely monitoring user feedback to the quests, adjusting elements as necessary.

The Community Gaming Questing System has been a passion project of ours for some time, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally ready for first looks from our community of gamers. Now, let’s walk through how to use it!

How to use the Questing System:

In order to gain access to the questing system for the first time, users will have to log out and log back in.

To participate and earn from the quests, users will simply have to pick the quest of their choosing and follow the requirements to complete it.

If players would like to learn more about the questing system or have any questions about how it works, head over to the FAQ!

Future of the Questing System

The questing system will continue to evolve as we move into 2023 and receive community feedback. There’s a plethora of high quality games launching next year and we want to give players a chance to learn about and try these new games early on. If you’re a player who frequently plays first person shooters, you may be recommended a new FPS game to play through the tutorial mode. Top performing competitors will be given quests that provide additional rewards for regularly maintaining high placement in tournaments.

Feel like sharing what your favorite game genres or gaming brands are? We’ll also be rolling out quests that survey players in order to better understand the type of gamer you are.


To celebrate this limited early access window to the questing system, we are hosting a global tournament series featuring over $40k in prizing for a variety of games including EV.io, Axie Infinity, Fall Guys,Garena Free Fire, Hearthstone, MLBB and more.

The first set of tournaments kick off October 28th across SEA, LatAm and NA. This tournament series will continue through the end of November. If you missed signing up for week one of the Xtravaganza, don’t worry! There is still time to sign up for the following tournaments here.