December 2023 Product Changelog: Powering Up Your Tournament Experience!
by Community Gaming in Changelogs · 2023-12-07

What's new?

Greetings, CG Gamers!

We're excited to unveil the latest upgrades and enhancements on Community Gaming. Our team has been hard at work to ensure a seamless and enriched tournament experience for you. Check out the updates that are now live!

Tournament Admin Management Modal Magic

Calling all Tournament Organizers! We've streamlined tournament management with our enhanced admin modal. Admins will automatically receive the permissions right after creating an account. Search effortlessly by username or email to grant permissions. Send email notifications, even if the email is unregistered. Plus, edit permissions on the same modal for a hassle-free admin experience.

manageadmin1.png manageadmin2.png

Battle Royale Group Overview Enhancements

Experience the revamped Battle Royale group overview! A new divider line and color highlights make it easy to spot top teams advancing. We've improved visibility by shifting Rank and Score columns left and freezing the first column for right-scrolling ease.


Ability to Reuse Alias for Deleted Tournaments

Great news for TOs! Deleted a tournament? No need to change your alias, you can now reuse the same alias for a fresh tournament.

Game Username for Substitute Players

And yes, we're thrilled to announce Game Username for substitute players—no more ignoring subs! Don't miss this inclusion - a long-awaited feature!

Homepage Carousel Simplification

We've cleaned up our homepage carousel—removed unnecessary titles and buttons and added left and right arrows for smoother navigation and better visibility.


Discover What You’re Missing Pop-up Timer Update

Good news - the pop-up is now less intrusive! We've fine-tuned it to enhance your overall experience. We've got your back!


NFT Collection UI Updates for Tournament Creation

Creating tournaments with NFTs just got better! We've adjusted the UI to showcase 4 NFTs per row, providing better visibility. The ratio fit has been improved to fix stretched images, and we've made background and border updates for a polished look.


Meet the Team

A warm welcome to our newest team members, Tyler and Victoria! Dive into the brains behind Community Gaming and get to know the faces making it all happen.

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed empty copy action, reordered components, and updated old icons on team pages.
  • Fixed alignment issues for long game names on the explore page.
  • Resolved the private tournaments self-view issue on the user dashboard.
  • Filtered unnecessary reward claim success notifications.
  • Removed bracket edit old warnings on tournament creation for on-chain tournaments.

What's Next?

We're not stopping here! Keep an eye out for the Admin ActionHub and Tournament Invites for Teams. Exciting things are on the horizon!

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Stay tuned for more updates and happy gaming!