Community Gaming Partners with to Bring You an Untapped Unlimited MTGA $2000 Tournament
by Community Gaming in · 2021-08-06

We are so excited that we have partnered with to bring you this incredibly unique Pre-Made Limited format, Magic: The Gathering Arena $2000 tournament!

To compete you must upload any deck that you have drafted in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms draft format from your profile. You can play with ANY deck in your draft history. You will need the Untapped Companion to submit your decklist. There is limited space on the waitlist, so be sure to secure your spot and make sure your decklist and Untapped profile are submitted correctly.

Community Gaming will be streaming the Untapped Unlimited Tournament on Twitch starting at 1pm EST. All of this Magic: the Gathering Arena action will be covered by Voxy and Amy the Amazonian, so you will not want to miss out!

About is the largest Magic: The Gathering Arena deck database that sources data from millions of games to help players create optimal decks with their current collection or help them see what they are missing. During your match, the companion will help you plan out your moves while giving you the probability of drawing certain cards. Not only will the companion remind you what cards your opponent has played, but it will also anticipate their next move.

The newest addition to the Untapped arsenal is Draftsmith! Draftsmith is’s draft assistant for MTG Arena. It analyzes millions of Limited games to create card ratings (1-55) to help you always draft the best cards and build optimal decks based on the cards you picked.

Unlock the full power of for 38% off until August 9th!