Community Gaming Partners with Horror FPS The Bornless
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2022-10-27

Looking for some scares and competition this Halloween weekend? Are you ready for a spooky, 1950s-themed Battle Royale? Well, Community Gaming has you covered!

Community Gaming has been named the official Tournament Partner of The Bornless, a horror themed first person shooter game with a dark and twisted world, deep lore, horrific monsters, and highly competitive gameplay, setting a new benchmark for quality in Web3 gaming.

The Hellfire Trials is the first of many tournament series planned for The Bornless and Community Gaming, and begins on October 29-30. The invitation-only tournament will summon the top 64 teams to compete for the $10,000 prize pool, tasked to compete with rival players, ward off demons and collect precious Incense tokens. Teams will compete in a single elimination bracket, four teams to a lobby, with points awarded for kills and placement. The top two teams will advance from each lobby until a winner is crowned. In the case of tiebreakers, teams will advance based on Total Lobby Wins, then Total Kills, then Incense Burned.

Community Gaming continues to grow as the leading Web3 platform for streamlining blockchain gaming for players, tournament organizers and game developers through its seamless UX and efficient blockchain payment technologies. Kicking off the Early Access Beta Launch, this partnership is another example of Community Gaming supporting a wide catalog of games, including blockchain gaming projects and other new titles looking to add an esports component.

The Hellfire Trials

The Hellfire Trials take place throughout Halloween weekend (October 29-30). The deadline to register will be Friday, Oct. 28 and is invitation only through The Bornless’ partnered factions or NFT holder giveaways. On Saturday, the broadcast will go live at 3pm EST, moving to a 2:30pm EST start time on Sunday. Visit the official tournament page for all event details, including registration and check-in.

Prize Pool

Players will compete for a share of a $10,000 prize pool, which will be paid in USDC on Polygon. While all teams will earn a portion of the prize pool, the top three teams will receive:

1st place team: $3,000

2nd place team: $1,600

3rd place team: $1,200

A series of online tournaments and a LAN tournament in Lisbon hosted by Bornless partnered faction Blackpool will lead into the Season 1 Finale this February.

About Community Gaming

Community Gaming is an all-in-one esports competition platform, building cutting edge infrastructure to foster the growth of web3 gaming and esports. Through its seamless UX and efficient Ethereum and Solana-based blockchain payment technology, the platform equips players, competition organizers, and game developers with the tools they need to create, facilitate, and participate in esports tournaments. Community Gaming believes in Earnings for Everyone, offering opportunities to monetize their passion for gaming through completing Quests, a daily content engine for earnings and game discovery.

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About Bornless
The Bornless was created out of a love for competitive FPS. We also believe in the power of Web3, while understanding that developing fun and exciting games should be at the core of any Web3 integration. Blockchain games are still in their infancy. Developers have tested out various approaches to game design, and use a variety of economic structures and formats. We know that the key to creating a Web3 game with a genuine, sustainable economy, is not through complex tokenomics-but by building an interactive universe where people can enjoy gameplay with or without the prospect of financial reward. Our mission is to create a vibrant and competitive community of casual and pro-gamers alike. Our wish is that players spend time in The Bornless because they enjoy it, not for financial reward. Essentially, The Bornless is a game first.

“The Bornless is a dark and twisted world with deep lore, horrific monsters, and competitive FPS gameplay,” Toby Saunders, CEO of Cathedral Studios, said. “This Horror-Shooter is out to set a new benchmark for quality in Web3 gaming.”

To learn more about The Bornless, check out the game’s roadmap here.