Community Gaming Partners with AAG Ventures to Host Monthly Tournaments & Learn-to-Earn Courses
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2021-12-21

With the rise of Play2Earn, players’ sovereignty and ownership rights are now at the center of a game’s economy. This phenomenon is rapidly gaining traction amongst gamers around the world, especially in emerging economies where the rewards, in some cases, have been life changing.

Our mission is to be the world’s leading web3 earnings platform, collaborating with game developers and guilds to offer millions of players new earnings opportunities to supplement their income. Because the web3 world can be daunting for non-crypto natives, we will also be providing educational resources to gamers entering the space for the first time.

Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with AAG Ventures, one of the fastest-growing gaming guilds in the Play-To-Earn blockchain gaming industry with more than 2,000 scholars participating from seven countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, India, Nigeria, and Russia.

What is AAG Ventures?

AAG Ventures is a project that combines 3 components. The first component is a Play-To-Earn (P2E) Guild that enables players (a.k.a. scholars) to earn crypto while playing blockchain games. The second component is a P2E platform that helps other guilds engage players at scale and serves as the “backbone” for P2E ecosystem participants (e.g., guilds, players, NFT owners and game developers). The last component is a Learn-To-Earn platform that will enable future learn-to-earn applications, which are applications that allow players to earn crypto while learning transferable skills (e.g., math or programming) through educational games or educational platforms.

What We’ll Do Together

  • Monthly Tournaments. Starting in January, Community Gaming will co-host a monthly tournament series in partnership with AAG Guild(Achip & Achair Guild). These events will provide an opportunity for AAG’s scholars to compete with players from outside of their guild.
  • Co-host a Global Tournament. We plan to run a large-scale, global tournament with significant prizing that will be streamed on Twitch. More details on this early next year.
  • Learn-To-Earn Courses. We will collaborate to co-design courses to help educate the next wave of gamers entering the web3 world. Examples include how to create and use wallets, navigating the various centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as understanding the different Layer 2 networks used in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.
  • Training Grounds for Scholars. AAG Guild will use the Community Gaming platform as a training ground for their scholars, helping test and design new kinds of competition products and Daily Quests.

In the esports world, there are hundreds of teams and orgs competing in different types of games and representing different geographies. Rivalries, merchandise, and superstar content creators all make up parts of this ecosystem. We believe the same phenomenon will develop in the extremely fast-growing universe of guilds.

As more high quality, P2E-focused games come to market in 2022 and we see the next 10 million web3 users get onboarded, I believe we’ll see guilds specialize in specific game genres and have a deeper focus on education. By organizing global tournaments, we can break down the barrier between guilds, extend scholar’s earnings potential, and create cross-guild competitions that are broadcasted on Twitch with the best talent in the industry.

We look forward to working with AAG Ventures to help build out this incredible ecosystem!