Community Gaming Lends Aid to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Tragedy
by Community Gaming in Community · 2023-02-15

Community Gaming is hosting a charity tournament to raise funds and awareness

At the beginning of this month, here at Community Gaming we had just finished with our weekend tournaments and were ramping up for the next week when we saw the horrific news of the 7.1 magnitude Turkey-Syria earthquake on February 6th. We were mortified, not just because our wonderful team of developers are based in Istanbul, Turkey, but our C-Suite had just landed there the previous day for a company meeting. We frantically confirmed that each of our team members were okay, and thankfully they were but for many, this was not the case, so when one of our tournament organizers approached us about holding a fundraising tournament we jumped at the chance.

We’ve teamed up with our tournament organizer Hadeanhaiii to put on an emergency fundraising Apex Legends tournament to help raise funds and awareness for the victims of the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake. The tournament is happening on Friday, February 17th, at 8 pm EST and the funds that are raised are being directly donated to the British Red Cross on the event’s Tiltify page. To start things off, Community Gaming will be donating a sum of $300 USD to the British Red Cross. In addition, Community Gaming will be awarding each player who participates in the tournament, an NFT that was designed by our Turkish Senior Product Designer, Ferdi to recognize and thank each person who helps us raise awareness for this tragedy. The design depicts a shield crest that incorporates both the Syrian and Turkish flags standing strong.

Community Gaming is dedicated to fostering a global community that is a force for good. Gaming can not only entertain us but also bring us all together to bring positive changes into the world. If you’re part of our extended community and want to register for the tournament, donate to the fundraising, or simply want to spread the word, we will be very grateful. If you would like more info or want to register your team please feel free to check out the tournament page and if you would like to donate to the cause, please go to the Tiltify event page.