Community Gaming Launches into Marvel Snap
by Community Gaming in Community · 2021-12-27

Community Gaming jumps onto the Marvel Snap scene with global monthly tournaments

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card battle game that has been exploding in popularity since it’s initial release in October of last year. The game itself has also been growing, adding updates and patches along the way. One of the most recent updates unlocked the ability for a battle mode which allows players to face off against each other in custom lobbies. Well, here at Community Gaming, we already host tons of tournaments for competitive TCG games like Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Skyweaver, and many more so we were excited to utilize the new battle mode to host some inaugural CG Marvel Snap Tournaments

The inaugural Community Gaming NA Marvel Snap tournament kicked off last weekend on Saturday, February 18th! There were 64 participants competing in a single-elimination bracket for a $500 prize pool. The varied player pool included competitive TCG veterans and Marvel Snap specialists alike. In the end, after winning a gauntlet of 6 matches in a row, the user Kyz defeated TheHumanSpider in the Finals to take the first CG Marvel Snap crown! Community Gaming also launched things globally with additional Marvel Snap tournaments in the LATAM and SEA regions.

Those of us at Community Gaming are excited to host more monthly Marvel Snap tournaments and as the community grows we can look at expanding to bigger one-off events, creator clashes, and more events with larger prize pools and players. The possibilities are endless! You can also look into becoming a CG tournament organizer and hosting your own Marvel Snap tournaments for your community and friends. Just fill out our TO Application and you can also apply for tournament grants. To stay up to date with our Marvel Snap tournaments or all of our tournaments in general, follow Community Gaming on Twitter, and join our Discord for all the latest tournament news.