Community Gaming Launches 2x Daily Axie Infinity Tournaments with Axie.GG, E1337, and YGG
by Community Gaming in Esports · 2021-12-29

Esports 4 Everyone hosted by Axie.GG exclusively on CommunityGaming.ioAxie Infinity’s community has continued to grow at a blistering pace each month, topping 2.5 million daily active players in November. This incredible growth has led to an increase in the amount of tournament organizers hosting events for their communities and guilds on the CG platform.

As one of the most popular games on our platform, it’s often the case that Axie tournaments fill up almost immediately. This leaves only the players who register the fastest getting a chance to compete while others are stuck on the waitlist or waiting for the next tournament.

One of the most dedicated organizers in our ecosystem, Axie.GG, has run 24 bi-weekly tournaments over the past few months, and continues to see their tournaments quickly hit their player cap with a ton of spillover demand.

Introducing Esports 4 Everyone Daily Tournaments

As a result, Axie.GG has decided to create Esports 4 Everyone, an Axie Infinity tournament series where players of all skills are encouraged to participate. This series will be free-to-enter and open to anyone with an account to play!

Together with Axie.GG, YGG, and E1337.Pro, we’re proud to announce that starting on January 1st, 2022, there will be E4E tournaments TWO TIMES A DAY! Players who compete in the E4E Dailies will be able to qualify for monthly and yearly Showdown Finals.

Tournament Structure & Prizes

The 2x daily tournaments will each have 32 players in single elimination, while the monthly showdowns will have 64.

Daily tournaments will be free to enter, whereas the final showdowns will require players to burn QPs (Qualifier Points) in order to enter. QPs are not tradeable/sellable and can only be used to enter E4E Showdown Finals.

Prizes in 1337 token will be automatically distributed twice daily using our platform’s AutoPay tech as follows:

  • 1st Place: $30 in 1337 + 5 QP
  • 2nd Place: $15 in 1337 + 3 QP
  • 3rd Place: $10 in 1337 + 2 QP
  • 4th Place: $5 in 1337 + 1 QP
  • 5-8th Place: $2.5 in 1337 + 0.5 QP
  • 9-16th Place: $0.50 in 1337 + 0.25 QP

The Monthly Showdown Finals will follow a similar breakdown, with approximately $600 in prizing.

Open Source Streaming

In the spirit of E4E, Axie.GG has decided to make these daily events available-open source-to the entire Axie streaming community! In doing so, anyone and everyone with a desire to stream can use their tournaments to create content. This should enable up-and-coming streamers to get a taste of the action, as well as providing established content creators with a constant stream of usable Axie Infinity content.

The tournaments will be shared to the new E4E Twitch channel without commentary, and those who wish to re-stream the E4E tournaments with their own commentary can register here.

Tournament registration will go live for the the first event next week on For the full event details, head over to Axie.GG’s blog post.