Community Gaming Expands it Platform and Integrates with the Ronin Network to Host the Axie Infinity World Championship
by Community Gaming in Web3 · 2022-07-19

We’re proud to announce that our Tournament Platform is the first App to interact with the Ronin Network

Community Gaming Expands it Platform and Integrates with the Ronin Network to Host the Axie Infinity World Championship

Hi folks!

We hope you’ve seen the news: Community Gaming will be the Official Tournament Partner for the Axie Infinity World Championship! In addition to managing the remote competition leg, we’ll oversee all tournament operations at AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain, including the on-site Axie Origins BYOD Series and Axie Origins Stadium Series. As the first seven-figure prize pool for a blockchain-based game, these tournaments represent a major milestone in Web3 history.

This is a massive undertaking for Community Gaming, but after months of hard work, we’re proud to announce that our Tournament Platform is the first App to interact with the Ronin Network! Now, Community Gaming Axie tournaments can be held on Ronin itself, with AXS or SLP prizes paid directly to a linked Ronin Wallet. For more details on how you can snag one of the registration slots for the Axie Classic World Championships, please visit our Road to AxieCon landing page!

In order to get here, our Development and Product teams have been creating features to support the thousands of simultaneous players on the Road to AxieCon. At the same time, they’ve shipped a suite of more general platform updates that will allow Community Gaming to be the premier esports gateway for both community-run events and partnered tournaments with game developers (like Sky Mavis).

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to recently, and where we’re headed next!

New Features

Bigger Tournaments-We’ve enabled our organizers to run larger events on the Community Gaming platform. Up to 1,024 players can participate in Single Elimination and Swiss Bracket tournament types, which can increase to 4,096 players (four brackets of 1,024) if the ‘Multiple Brackets” feature is selected. Also new: for tournaments with over 64 players, organizers can specify a number of checked-in players and seed them into the bracket(s) at random.

Improved Load Times-As our tournament sizes have grown, we’ve paginated the results within the ‘Participant’ and ‘Brackets’ tabs of a tournament to lessen the loading impact on Mobile and Desktop sessions. We don’t expect this change to complicate things for registered players-there will be smaller numbered/indexed pages within these two tabs, and players will be automatically taken to the page result that includes their username (or they can use the ‘Find Me’ button).

Ready-Up-A new matchroom element to help with in-game logistics. As players progress and are paired with fresh opponents, they’ll see a new “I’m Ready to Play” screen. With this ready check in place, a player who fails to show up within the 15-minute window will be automatically assigned a Match Loss.

  • In a related note, we’ve enabled match score reporting from the Matchroom!

**Expanded Tournament Permissions-**Last year, we added a feature that allowed our organizers to assign permissions to Tournament Admins. In concert with our recent focus on accommodating large scale tournament efforts, organizers now have more power to offer their admins, improving player support during all tournaments. We’ve expanded the available list of actions to include:

  • Starting the Tournament
  • Editing the Tournament
  • Reporting Match Results
  • Making Announcements
  • Make Global Messages to Matchrooms
  • Publish Brackets
  • Moderate Brackets
  • View Player Ready Status
  • Manage Participants

While some of these features will only be available only in Swiss Brackets at the start, we intend to add them to other bracket types in our next big update. And this is only the big stuff-we’ve fixed a plethora of smaller platform bugs, most of which involved reworking some visual and functional aspects of the site.

What’s Next?

Over the next several months, expect a larger focus from us on introducing more new features for organizers while refining existing features. We’ll soon be able to host Solana tournaments on Community Gaming, and integrate the Brave wallet into our expanded wallet page. In August, we plan on adding digital collectables and other unique prizing to our tournaments, with the Skyweaver card collection acting as our test balloon.

A new Invitational System is also on the horizon. Soon, organizers will have the option to enable guaranteed slots for VIP players and send event invites for general registration slots. Additionally, when organizers create tournaments, they’ll have more granular control over structuring winner payouts.

Even more exciting-the free trial period of our Subscription system will go live soon, granting our players access to the Community Gaming Questing System. Players will have a real opportunity to earn within our ecosystem, regardless of event placement, something everyone at Community Gaming is deeply passionate about. We hope to share more Questing System details soon!